Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another barn from 2008

This is another barn from our road trip in 2008.  I just cannot resist posting it though I thought about saving it for Theresa's Good Fences. Remember you can click on the photos to expand the view.

It is beautiful weather here in Indiana...lots of blue skies and sunshine.  And I for one am happy to have them.  Days and days of clouds really get to me.  I am a person that needs lots and lots of sunshine.

Monday, September 22, 2014


A few years ago, we went north...to Mackinaw City, Michigan and when we came home we went up over and across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and down through Wisconsi.  These are some of the shots from that trip.
I thought I had died and gone to heave...the only thing, there was not enough time to stop and take all the pictures I wanted.  So I snapped what I could.
There were places that there were so many barns I could not snap pictures fast enough to get them all!
I think I counted and had taken almost 300 pictures of barns during that trip...I do not remember if that was 300 different barns or counting the ones where I managed to snap two or three.  Knowing me, it would have been almost 300 different ones.  Not saying they were all salvageable. 

I finished the binding on my quilt but going to be a few days before pictures are taken.   I am so glad to have it finished.

I am going to be busy the next few days.  So, I may or may not blog.  I am hoping to get some visiting done at night, though.