Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A few more...

I am in the process of getting more leaves ready to applique..I still need to count and see how many I have already appliqued.  I have no number in mind that I want to do..   I do want it big enough to snuggle under.  But that may be it.  I have no idea how many oranges I have. But several.  Fabrics will be repeated.

Every time I see a new orange fabric I buy some.  And one I have bought twice.  I did not remember buying it the first time.  I have this one orange fabric that will be hard for me to is just so pretty.

I have had some stuff going on that has had me one thing taken care of only to have something else come up last Friday.  I thought I heard the furnace making a funny noise, but then no.  I didn't hear it.  Then I heard was only at the behinning of the heating cycle.  Lasted maybe a minute or two.  Besides worrying me, it also got on every last nerve I had.  I went down and seemed to come from the humidifier.

I came up and turned the humidistadt  to zero... and called heating & air...they could not be here until Monday.  I unplugged the did not completely stop making a noise but it was a lot less annoying...not so loud.   And Roger went down and I heard him hit something.  The noise completely stopped soon after that.

The guy came Monday and could find nothing wrong at did not make a peep when he plugged it back in and forced the furnace to blow.    I had him replace the filter while he was here.  I really liked him...felt like he was honest.  And did not feel at all worried about theft.

After all the mess with the repairs from the hail damage, I did not know if I would ever feel trust again. 

Just going to leave you with a little something is old but every young person I have ever showed it to thought it was funny.

We still watch it every so often and I still imitate Jim saying 'Slow Down.'

Saturday, January 18, 2020

I hope you enjoy this half as much as I do

Lorelei busting a move...about 6 years ago from the best I could tell:

This old video popped up on my facebook made me laugh then and still does.  Her sheer joy at living.  That is her dad playing her drums in the background.  He played trumpet in band...but no training on drums.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Do you do this...

Do you save change?  If you have, have you always?   Mom always had a dime bank, and I did always give her my dimes.  But I did not become a change saver till around 1981-2.  And I have never stopped.  At first it was just dimes.

At some point it morphed into saving all change.  At first I just threw it all in one bank.  And I  had an actual bank to begin with...I remember taping across the plug to keep it from falling out.  And I remember shaking and shaking to get the change out.

So my next question is, do you separate your change if you save it?  At some point I started taking old jars, making a slit in the lids, and they became my banks.

I don't mind cashing in fact right now I have 4 full jars I should cash in.  But I like to keep the silver coins.   It gives a whole new spin to the phrase 'cold, hard cash.'


I have did three more of these leaves...I added a few more that I had already done.  I need to take time and put them all on the design wall. One thing apparent here is the big polka-dot ones really stand out.  I forget what famous quilter said if a certain fabric stands out like a sore thumb, to just add more...that it will recede and become part of the background.

I know one thing for sure, I like dots. Circles.  I have thought about doing a circles quilt at some point.  I really would like to do that.

I need to settle down and watch the new/weather...hope you all have a good day tomorrow.