Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer, Lorelei, etc

First of all, this is Lorelei holding the baby turtle she found week before last.  We took her to the creek for the fist time this year that day....and the very first thing she found and caught it.  She had a bucket and kept it in it or had it in her hand the whole time we were there.  And we were there a LONG time.  She almost caught another one.  Of course she wanted to bring it home, but instead she turned it loose before we left.

Then last week she wanted to go back...we took her the backroads to get there.  And as we were coming up behind Bridgeton, up the creek from the bridge, there were two eagles in one dead tree.
Before we got pulled off and stopped, one of the eagles flew down behind the tree.  But I got several photos of this one.
I was more thrilled than Lorelei with this.

Along with her staying with us 3 or 4 days a week, our older daughter was back in Indiana for a while.
She and I worked several days and we made these:
First the quilt top above,
And then made this table runner at the top of the photo, and that is the backing for it on the bottom.  They were made with leftover fabric from the quilt top.  Both were my daughters design and choice of fabrics.  We both did cutting and both did sewing.  You will have to click on these to get a better view.

Not sure how much visiting I will get done or if I will even try to post again for a while.  Lorelei is supposed to come tomorrow evening, and I know she is going to want to go to the creek again and she has also been wanting to go fishing at the strip pit.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Just have to post a picture of our Lorelei....
I am still not ready to get back to blogging.  In fact, I have not taken hardly any photos in the month I have been absent.

Just have to share these Simon's Cat Videos.  Have you seen either of them?

This first one is his newest I think.  Wanted to say that that the pheasant in it--it shows how they sound.  They sound sort of like a rusty, screechy hinge.

And here we have one from Valentine's Day, but I have forgotten if I have shown it....I cannot even remember seeing it before I ran across it the other day.

I hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A bit of cuteness for my last post...

This will be my last post for a while..I am too distracted to do much of anything right now.  So have decided to take a break from blogging for a while.  I can never decide if it is good for me to have to try to focus on it, or if it would make things easier to break from it.

Friday, April 8, 2016

A bit of randomness

It is time for a bit of randomness.

1.  First a new Simon's Cat video:

2.  This post has one of my all time favorite tree is the combination of the tree /atmosphere/lighting.

3. I was a happy camper a couple weeks ago when I found Amazon had finally made Sod & Stubble:  The Story of a Kansas Homestead  by John Ise available in kindle format.  Even though I have a hard copy, I bought it too quick to talk about and have now read it once again.

4.  We are thankful for good neighbors.  When Roger went to mow the yard last weekend, he discovered a flat.  Actually two flats.  The back one would not stay inflated.  The neighbor saw he was having trouble.  He has a tool to take the tires off the they did that and discovered the tired was separating.  We just got all new tires....and Tom helped get the other tires off and the new ones on.  We won't go into details about how it would start but not go in gear...or so he thought.  Roger left it for that night, but the next morning here came Tom again.  That is what you call good neighbors.

5.  I started with a bit of comedy and I will leave with a bit of comedy:

Hap Shaughnessy reminds me of a few characters I have know.  While they frustrated me, he makes me laugh.