Friday, January 22, 2021

This and that....

 Just in case you did not find the car, here it is.

This has started has two blooms open with at least four more to come.  

Someone was talking about hearing from old friends they had not heard from in a long time...and I told her that would make my day.  

What do you know...maybe an hour later, I get a notice that I had an instant message from a FB friend...and she is an old friend I have known at least 40+ years.   so we caught up with each other...she was always one that we could work together in the kitchen, or just whatever.   It is strange how you can be good friends, but totally lose track of each other. 

I don't spend much time on FB...but this is the second friend to contact me in the past week or so. This other friend was worried because she had not seen a post from me in so long.

I have been doing some odds and ends of things this day that have needed doing for a long time.  I am weary this night...I have not sewn a stitch today.  But I will before the night is over.  So far, I have spent time sewing every day of this year.  I will be lucky to make it through the month of January.

This was a magnet that I had not noticed in ages.  It fits.

Cats do their best to train us...and do a pretty good job of it.

And for your entertainment, here is a video I found a bit entertaining.

Monday, January 18, 2021

A bit of a catch-up

 First I give you grandpup Rosie...Lorelei's little dog.  She just loves her family so much.  Sarah was trying to do some work from home one evening, and could not get any peace till she made Rosie a bed close to her in the office/craft area.

And below is Copper trying to snuggle with Delta.

I think if I were Delta I would be losing my patience.  But she seldom does.


Roger is still not normal.  He is definitely better than he was for a bit. But wish he could just feel what is normal for him.  


 Their scent was so strong it smelled up the whole house.  I even wondered was it causing Roger's headache..

I finished this puzzle sometime last week.  It took me forever, but there were days I did not even touch it.  But dark greens are the hardest color for me to work.  

It was one of those with the crazy pieces.  Which normally don't bother me.  But on this puzzle I thought I had lost a piece to the very end.  And we won't mention the time I spent looking and looking for one piece, only to find it UNDER an extra lamp I set on the puzzle for extra light.


Can you find the car?  I did find it with relative ease.  But have been looking for another photo where I had to have Lorelei find what I was looking for.  I cannot remember where I seen it.  But it was Simon's Cat running with a bunch of Dalmatians.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Another week gone...

These are the new 'flowers' since the last picture.

I am growing quite a stack of them.

Life in Pieces hosts 15 Minutes to Stitch....and to be fair, I heard about it through Shasta at the High Road Quilter.   Though I have not officially linked, I have been trying to sew/mess with fabric every day.  And have been successful thus far.  


A somewhat rough week has just passed.  Roger has fallen twice, in the house, in the past week.  Was not really hurt at all either time.  Once he was bending over, and just fell on forward.   It was like in slow motion.  Then last night he was bent over, pulling the tv tray to him and shuffling backwards.  In between those falls he was dizzy for about 3 days...(I was dizzy for a day or two myself, but I felt like I was getting a cold.  Roger never felt sick and the first fall was before he started feeling dizzy and the last fall happened after he was pretty much back to normal)  

BUT, guess what he said last night about a minute after he fell?  I don't remember just how he said it, but it was 'Since I am so light on my feet....'  He was trying to lighten my spirits cause it just about makes me sick when he falls.    

The dr. had increased the dosage on one of his meds, and I read where it could cause dizziness.  So I took him to the dr. to make sure he did not have an ear infection, and he said to go back to the lower dosage.  And soon as I did the dizziness left him


Also have had new shocks put on our car, and being that it all of a sudden started using a lot more gas, I had spark plugs and air filter is not back to normal.  Thank God.  Roger always took care of sparkplugs and filters...the shocks we would have had done.  And our son-in-law offered to do them, but he was working so much overtime at the time I did not want to take away what free time he might happen to get.


I am embarrassed to admit this, but this is the only book I have read...I think since Christmas.  It is the 1977 issue of Foxfire...

My mind has just been all over the place and I could not settle to read...

I will leave you with something sweet: