Saturday, July 26, 2014

Goldfinches...hanging around

I guess the little sunflowers are maturing...

the goldfinches are starting to hang around...

Right side up....

And upside down.

I would love to have a birdbath for them but our Puss Puss would commit murder too often then.  She is the little huntress of the the three cats.  She gets out there and hides, and lays waiting.

I talked to one of my friends the other day...I had not talked to her in a while, but had ran down to take her a couple of tomatoes from our garden.  It was late evening and she was so sound asleep she did not hear me when I knocked on the door two or three times, nor when I walked in and set the tomatoes down.

She has two girl kitties.  Neither are lap cats...they won't let me near them.  Neither of them even like to sit in her lap, but one of them does come and get in bed with her when she goes to bed.

She has a cat door for them till they can come and go as they please.  She was telling me that the other night before I was down there, she had went to bed and went to sleep.  About 3:00a.m. they woke her up coming in...they came to her bedroom just meowing to each other and went under the bed.  Which was weird.  Then they started growling at each other.

So she rolled over, and I assume turned on a light.  They came out from under her bed and one of them had a bird.  Alive.  So she jumps up and takes it away from them...and while holding it in one hand, had to get her clothes on with the other.  Then took it out to behind her house to set it free.  (she shut their cat door till the kitties could not get back out.)  I got so tickled when she told  me all of that.

She said they were always bringing her things...that this was the 7th bird this summer, besides, moths, butterflies and a dragonfly....

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Big White Dog

Did you ever see eyes that were any more loving than hers?  We still do not know her name, but we enjoy watching her.  And occasionally go across and pet her.  Lots of times our regular mailman goes out of his way to go back and talk to her and pet her.  Also, one of the subs that helps him goes our of her way to give her a pet.  IF she is outside.

And she is an inside dog, most times is well groomed, but how the lady keeps her that way is more than I know.  She will get out and dig in 'her areas'....not all over the yard.  She favors 3 places that I know of.  And if it is wet and rainy, she will be just brown with brown you would not know she was a white dog.  Then the next time I see her, she will be back sparkling white.

She is so much fun to watch.  There are big, huge cottonwood trees along the sidewalk right outside her fence.  There are squirrels in those trees.  At least one of them loves to tease her.  It runs down the tree to where she can see it.  She runs barking towards the tree.  The squirrel runs around the tree out of sight for just a few seconds, then goes back around to where it can be seen by White Dog, once again provoking her.

If a bird gets in her yard, she chases it out.  If anyone/anything moves in the neighborhood, she barks if she is outside.  Just totally loves watching the world go by.   They have a small child's pool for her like we had for Lorelei...they run water in it every now and then and she just loves it.  She will run and jump in, then out and run, then jump back in.  Just total joy.