Saturday, April 22, 2017

This and that...

We saw this hawk yesterday...definitely not good quality, but still, I think it shows its interesting look.  I don't know if that is a wire coming up off the pole but assume it is. 

Does anyone else watch America's Funniest Home Videos?  The video above is from one of their episodes....listen to it carefully.  It is so funny.  She is so young to use the words she uses.

We basically stayed home today.   And I got a bit of sewing therapy, though I don't have anything to show you yet.

Friday, April 21, 2017

A bit of randomness....

1.  Ginseng.  I love to hunt the stuff.  I no longer dig it...I just like to find it and see it growing.  And photograph it.  But when I was a kid, my mom and I would hunt it and what money came from it could go for things for school...material and patterns to make my clothes.  I don't remember if I bought other stuff with it or not.

2.   If you are a grandma, you might enjoy reading Granny by Sean Dietrich.  I did not grow up close to any grandparent and have always felt like I missed something in life.  But I sure as heck enjoy being heart just sings when I know Lorelei is coming.  Last weekend when we went to bed, she asked me, "Do you enjoy sleeping with me, Mamaw?"  I said I did...she ask, "Do you REALLY enjoy sleeping with me?"  I told her that I did.  She then asked did I like sleeping with her better than anything...I told her almost...she only thought a second...she said oh, I know, Papaw!

3.  For a little bit of laughter, how about Mama trying to go to sleep in a hammock?

4.  And then I can almost guarantee that you will get a warm fuzzy feeling if you watch the following....and maybe even laugh a time or two.

I saw this video a few days back on the blog Not Afraid of Color.

5.  For a taste of music, for those of you watching The Voice, maybe you would like to hear something from Gwen/No Doubt.

I  listened to this song about a zillion times when I worked at the orchard.  (I would make mixed tapes and listen to them.  And certain songs appeared more often than others...)

6.  And how could I leave out Alicia

I had left the orchard before this came out, but I can guarantee you if it had been out, it would have been on a variety of cassettes. 

That is my few bits of randomness....I hope you seen something you liked....

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Thursday, April 20, 2017


I am always thankful when we find a few minutes to be out in nature...last week was no exception.  So thankful to get a few new photographs.

I am thankful for a wild and crazy granddaughter.  Yes, she is making a face in the photo above.  Some tell me that one of these days she is sure going to love me for this.  I honestly don't think she will ever mind...her mom never did care.  She did not get embarrassed easily so am not expecting Lorelei to change.
The Maintenance light came on and stayed on on our Rav4 yesterday.  Talk about being upset...I just did not know what to do....I could call Jeremy, or I could try to get it to a guy not too far from here and ask them to bring me home.  But I decided to sleep on it before I did anything.  And pray about it.  I got up this morn, and the thought came to me that maybe it was time for the oil to be changed.  I went and checked the mileage and was pretty sure that was it.

I first was going to reset the light and see if it came back on, then decided I would be apt to forget to have the oil changed if that was the problem.  So, I talked to Roger and believe it or not, he agreed to let me have it done.  I called, and got it in this afternoon.  I came home and did the reset of the light.  The Maintenance light comes on every 5,000 miles...when we change the oil we have to 'turn' it off.   There are specific steps to turning it off.

You turn the key to the on position, but not to the point you start the car.  And you do not touch your foot to the brake, and set the odometer tripmeter to Trip A....then turn the key off.

Next, while holding down the trip A meter button, turn the key to the on position, and continue holding the Trip A button down while it goes down to zero and wait till the maintenance light will goes off.

So I did that and took it for a drive to see if the maintenance light would come back didn't.  I am so, so thankful for that.

These are just a few things I am thankful for...

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

A bit of fabric therapy

First of all some oranges, for an orange quilt sometime in my future.  I keep adding a few.  Years ago, on an quilt forum a lady whose first name was Judy did a quilt and named it Bushels of Orange(s) was all oranges with a bit of black and an accent of blue, on my computer it was sort of a torquoise blue.  I totally loved that quilt and have planned to make one some day.

I did not get this to go with anything specific...just in case I needed it for an alternate quilt block in the ones I am making now.

Then I got some neutrals, since I have been using mine.  One of these days I would like to make another two color quilt...such as the one below.

Do you remember it?  I made it in 2012...and it is kind of reversible...see?
I didn't have enough of any single fabric so I did this using the same fabrics I had used on front.  I think it was about 52 inches square.