Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Another day...

Call the Midwife has a new season.   We just watched the second one tonight.  I always look forward to the closing lines from Sister Monica Joan:

Not all of us will choose what we give up
the things we love are taken
or are never ours at all
Life is defined not by what we let go
but what we let in:
friendship and kind words
Frailty and hope
To be human is to be imperfect
And to accept that is to thrive
No path is always strewn with flowers
But therein lies the power of each fragile, tender bloom.

I am not sure why, but these really got to me.  Maybe because I know her character...not sure if the words would have the same effect if I just read them and did not associate them with her and the others. It is not that the camera is on her as she says them...she is speaking in the background as the camera shows glimpses of the lives of the midwives, etc.

We have had two glorious days of sun...I have sat on the porch and read some both days.  I am currently reading:

Trials of the Earth:  The Story of a Pioneer Woman by Mary Hamilton.  I have really been enjoying it and dread to see it end.

I have this little quilt pinbasted and ready to quilt...and got my sewing table down in the basement cleared off.  It was full of stuff from when they guy worked on our furnace.  I had to move stuff out of his way and had not put it back in its place.
The tornado warning was till 2:00 a.m. but that has been cancelled.  Maybe they have removed it.  I think we came about as close to having one as we could come without it actually being one.  Stuff was flying from everywhere...I seen someone's big umbrella go down the alley.  It started to take our grill.  I saw trash flying. There was a tiny bit of hail here, but not much. The wind was terrible.  It sounded like a train going over our house.

That's about it for this post...stay safe everyone.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

A blast from the past...

Sarah and Jeremy brought Lorelei yesterday evening...I forget what made Sarah mention this Dot, but it made me look it up on this blog.  I did not remember the story that went with it.  This is from you go.  I had never heard of Dot till Sarah showed me this...

 Lorelei's first Dot moment went something like this....

They were sitting at the dinner table having a meal.  Lorelei was kicking the leg of the table.  Jeremy told her to please stop.  So she paused a minute and then started kicking the other leg.  I don't recall what Jeremy started to say...or if he said anything...

Lorelei said, 'This leg is listening' as she pointed at her right leg...then she pointed at her left leg and said this one isn't.  Then she proceeded to bend down and look under the table yelling at her leg to stop it!  I think Sarah lost it and Jeremy could only shake his head!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Grand-fur babies, etc

First of all, our daughter that lives in St. Louis sent me this one last week:

Delta was a happy camper...her mom had to work from home part of the day.

Then today, Lorelei started sending me pics of their babies.

Poor old Otto...he is getting old.  I am not sure when he was born but I think in 2007 or 2008.  He was a puppy that belonged to neighbor but kept coming to their house.  After about the 3rd time of taking him home, they asked the people did they really want him.  They didn't, so Sarah and Jeremy just kept him.

And above  is Rosie...she is approximately 5 yrs. old.

And of course there is Kitty Soft Paws.  She is a little sweetheart.

I have 3 more leaves finished...

We had some sun peeping in and out...was porch sitting temperatures.  It is wonderful to be outside without having to wear a jacket.