Saturday, June 30, 2018

Things are really looking up...

First of all, I had a couple comments asking how I was doing, but did not see them till this week.  I had every intention of replying either by this post, or by responding on your blog.  I am so sorry I did not get it done till now.  I had heard something about no notifications when we get comments, but had not thought of it in relation to my blog since I had not posted...I just happened to go there and find them.

Anyway, nothing like a little bling...actually they are the only flip-flops I have found that fits.  I am now walking without the boot but with a cane...and every evening there is a spell where I am walking around the house without the cane even.  I have some wonderful therapists that have got me this far.

And look!  The wound is almost entirely healed.  The wound care doctor thinks this coming Tuesday might be my last day to have to go to him.

Just want to post this while I have a minute...I hope all of you are having a good summer.  The heat and humidity here really gets to me.  But still happy to be walking, even if with a cane.  

Thursday, May 10, 2018

A little update on me

I am now putting Prisma on the wound instead of is definitely getting smaller.  That white around the edge is the Prisma which is a collagen.

I am currently allowed to wear my boot for two hours at a time, twice a day...and day after tomorrow I can see how I do wearing it three hours at time twice a day.

Yesterday I was in it three hours, and was not good.  But no bad side effects...just really weary.  my daughter took me to a quilt shop and was in there a good while.  LOL

It does feel wonderful to be on my feet more.  I can go outside with the help of Roger to get down the steps.  And I walk around out there a little bit.  I am trying to wait till the sun goes down till it will be a little cooler.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Shooting against the sun did not yield the greatest result, but I am posting it anyway.

This is better, but it was a good distance away.  Different hawk of course.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Photo from Lorelei....

Lorelei went to St. Louis for spring break...her aunt took her to an orchid show at the botanical gardens which she really enjoyed.  She sent me several photos she took with her phone.  I did crop them a tiny bit but just to be working with familiar 3:2 ratio..

  I would have liked to go to this myself....and that was the plans till I had my accident....