Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Just had to share

Last night my daughter sent me this pic...over the weekend she and Sarah and Jeremy had got her shelving unit up and her bigger TV up and running.  She ordered a new sofa about the time she moved and it still has not arrived, so she has been using a small TV in her bedroom.  (I just now noticed the photo has my name on it...I did not take this photo, but am too lazy to redo it.)

Well, Delta was so interested/enthused with getting the big TV up and running.  From beginning to end.  When it was done, daughter put on the movie Secretariet for Delta....Delta watched the whole movie.  I think I have told you that she loves horses!  We would love to see what she would do if she met a real one. 


A just for fun photo...climbing the mountain of the way, those flip-flops are a size 7/8...womens.  Both the above and below photo were taken about a week ago, give or take a day or two.

These hostas are in full bloom now, while some of my others are just getting buds.  It is nice that they are spread out and have different times to bloom.


These are blooming taken about an hour ago.

Would you believe I spent all last week either on the phone or waiting for a phone call, or trying to complete a phone call and things are still not settled.  So started again Monday morn, and now this dr. is on vacation, so nothing to be done but wait.  He just wants Roger to try a nebulizer for his chronic cough.  I am willing to try anything.  He had me get an air purifier....I got two.  I actually think they may have helped a little bit.  Seems like within just minutes of getting outside the house, he has a coughing spell.  He still coughs inside, but I don't think as often as he did.

That is just a bit of what has been going on.

One of my sisters passed away last week..,the visitation was yesterday.  We did not go.  I am not sure how Roger would have handled the trip.  Google said it was basically a two hour drive...I think  an hour and 59 minutes....add to that a stop or two for a bathroom break,  and we are getting close to 2 and a half hours one there was a road closed, but I think it would not have added much to the length of drive.

I so want to go for a drive, an in the heat I hesitate to go.  We get on back roads where there is no phone reception, and I do not think Roger could handle the heat if the car broke I have been staying home in the worst of this heat.  It is supposed to stay over 90 all week...every day when I look at the weather it will be 92, 93...but then say it feels like 105!

I hope you are having a good week.  I am trying to relax and just not worry.  And take care of things when I can. 

Monday, June 29, 2020

What's for supper?

We had burgers off the easy end to a tiring day.  And they were delicious.  I only wish I had had a tomato from the garden to eat with it.  I had a slice of one from the store on the burger, but that is not the same as big thick slices on the side.  If my tomatoes don't have some good tomatoes this year, I might cry.  Or at the least I will feel like crying.

It has been a tiring day.  If I told you all the details, you would not even finish reading this.  I have spent almost every spare moment on the phone.    It just seemed like I could not get anything done.  A dozen phone calls to take care of one thing.  Then, had to get on line to register Roger for something else.  This after a trip to Terre Haute for his allergy shot.  And it is back there tomorrow for the scan I did the pre-register for.

All of this is a result of Roger saying his ear hurt.  Remember he actually had an ear infection a few months ago.  I had to take him to a different dr. where we go this past Saturday, and this guy is trying some new things to help control his chronic cough.  (When he got up Saturday morn he said his ear did not hurt, but I was afraid not to take him.)


We went to a greenhouse last week and I saw this flower...Mandevilla Sanderi..I know the first part of the name is right.  Plant Snap added the second part.  There was a bright, bright red one, too.  I would have loved either one if I thought I could keep it growing.

I went for a red hibiscus and I wanted another tomato plant.  I found the red hibiscus if it will just survive the planting.  It ought to feel better in the ground, I would think, than confined to a pot.  It was a greenhouse owned by some Amish people.  They had very few tomato plants left and those came in a container that held 4 plants.  I got four called Mountain Fresh...the lady said she used them for canning and eating and we shall see if they produce some good tomatoes.


I had more to tell but my mind just went blank so will hush.  Have a good week everyone!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

A bit of this and that...

First, I will show you a block my daughter is made using the paper piecing method.  She bought the pattern from someone on Etsy.

This is her second is to become part of a baby quilt for a friend of hers.  Her friend is planning on grays for the baby room right now.  I would not mind making it in red fox colors.


We went to visit both our daughters this weekend...we had not seen their new homes and they have both been in them for over a month.   First one thing and then another prevented us from going.  At Lorelei's home, they have a bunch of baby squirrels...she has not got to feed them by hand any more.  But I had the most fun watching them.  There were at least 4 and they are all adorable.  Rosie chases their moms and then the mama squirrels tease her.  They get about 3 ft up the tree and flick their tail at her.

We have seen our daughters since all this with Covid 19 started, but there has been so much they had to do and so much going on that we have not really visited much to speak of.  It was just so good to see them in a relaxed situation.

And Jeremy changed my windshield wipers and put in a new battery for me.  I just hate asking him to do stuff like that but he just says it is what he is there for.  And does it as if he is having the best time of his life.  And truthfully, he always likes to keep a car that he is 'working' on...either improving it or he will buy one that has something a little bit wrong with it and he will fix it and drive it a while, and then sell it.  Or he will be helping a buddy do something to their car.  So, I guess this does seem like nothing to him.  But it sure helps me out.

I have two tomato plants...this one is a Big Boy.  As far as I can tell it has 4 tomatoes.  I have a Beef Master plant that does not look right.  I had not been able to find a single tomato on it till this afternoon and it does have at least one.    I did not attempt to take a picture of it.   I just hope some of these develop fully and taste good.  I could eat a dozen tomatoes from the garden if I had them.


Remember that I pulled up all the coneflowers last fall.  I figure I would have a lot come back this year as from year to year they have spread and spread.  Well, I do have about half a dozen plants, but this one is the only one that is even close to having a bloom.

I guess I should hit the publish button and be done with this.  I was going to do this post last night but just simply did not have the energy to do it.