Monday, June 4, 2007

Large hosta

These are pictures of my favorite is huge. Its leaves are huge! Look at the picture of my hand compared to a leaf. It is loaded with blooms. I think next year I might actually separate it, but it is hard to mess with perfection. I don't think it is quite as big as it was last year, but I think it has more blooms.

Another day spent on medical related visits. Last Thursday we spent the day in Terre Haute getting an MRI. My husband required one. His neck/upper back area has really been causing him grief. Pain had started extending down his arm, to the tips of his fingers. Thursday was a most of the day thing simply because they wanted an x-ray of his eyes before they would do the MRI. We had to go to a completely different address for the x-ray, and had to wait about an hour besides. Then back to Indiana MRI where we had to wait again because we had lost our place in line.

Today we went to see a surgeon. A spur has developed around the disc in C6 that is pressing on the nerve. The doctor did not push surgery, just said my husband would have to decide when it was limiting his life, and when he was having too much pain. That time has already arrived. He will have surgery this Thursday.

We have been kind of upset and worried the entire weekend after our chiropractor talked to Roger. I do think he managed to get my husband to really listen to what the doctor says about when he can do things...then after meeting this doctor and talking to him we are both relieved and feel that this is the thing to do.

He will be off work for at least a couple weeks and possibly then go back to work at something considered light duty. And he should be about back to normal in 6 months. So that is something he feels like he can live with.