Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Do you like oranges?  I think they were my mom's favorite fruit.  I think about the only time we ever got oranges or bought apples was at Christmas.  The apples were red delicious and to this day, if I see them my thought automatically turn to Christmas.  They are a beautiful apple, but not one that I care to eat.

I was not especially fond of eating oranges either, but we would roll an orange around with a lot of pressure....the cut a small hole at the top, and I don't know if my brothers did this, but I would also use the knife and stab around down in the pulp....then squeeze the juice directly into our mouth...delicious.
Well, I got a wish today.  We went to Hardee's this morn and as we were walking in I told Roger I wish 'T' and 'C' would walk in....I sat down, and Roger waited for our food...about the time he sat down in came T and C ...so we sat and had a good visit.   Then another couple we sometimes visit with came in.

That second couple has been married 60+ years.  I cannot remember if they had been married as long as I have been alive, or a year or so shy of that.  I know it totally surprised me cause they do not look nor act that old.  But lots of days there is a whole big group that they visit with.  And they personally know each other...know all the same people--people we don't know so we go ahead and sit elsewhere...

And while we were all talking today, found out that T's nephew had drywalled the other couple's whole house.  They were bragging on what a good job he had done and had not told who, so T asked who done it and it was that nephew...

As I have said before, we live in a small town...at Hardees most days there weill be a group that sit and visit...some eat, some just have coffee.  some of the workers know what we want to eat without us having to tell them...LOL
We had to run over to walmart as we left Hardees, and ran into Roger cousin and his wife there....so we were those people that stand and take up a whole aisle!  Though we did try to get out of the way,, and not really take up the whole place...and we were back in a back corner that does not have a lot of people come through.

Every now and then I try to do some sketching with colored pencils.....I mean about once a year.  The above I got disgusted with and quit.  Others can just draw and sketch and paint so I get stuff and then I am then too afraid to even try but I really think a person has to try...sometimes over and over.   Maybe I should make that my New Year's resolution...to try daily weekly at least, or daily would be better.

I think I might be better off to cut and paste...LOL