Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The kindness of strangers...


I have barely touched these the past couple of days.  And two of these were made months ago.  I have one or two more made...this photo was taken before they were finished.  I am not for sure how I am going to stitch them together....there are so many ways that they will fit. 


Now to the challenges...one we are laughing about.  It was time to put the new license plates on our vehicle.  We get an actual physical plate about every 4 yrs I think.  The other years, we get stickers that we place in the corner of the plate.....with the year on it.  I have just about always taken care of this.  I went out to do it Sunday afternoon, and could not unscrew the the screws!  

I actually got a groin injury...or I suppose that is what it was/is.  It has almost quit hurting.  The first thing I rounded off a screw.  I tried the other screw...leaning into it will all my weight and pushing...with my feet braced.  That is when I felt the pain... I could not turn the screw one little bit.  So I got WD-40 and sprayed them and decided to let them set and hopefully soak loose,  and then see if Roger would have any more strength. 

When he came up from the basement, I told him I needed his help.  This is what we ended up doing...he pushed in with all his might, and I used channel locks on the screw driver to turn it.  We got the one good screw off that way.  I went and got the Vise-grips and he got hold of the other screw it and got the vise-grips locked on and was able to get it that way.  But we have both laughed about it taking two adults to change the license plates.    I was thinking that I surely was not going to have to wait and have Jeremy do it.  


The other thing is not so funny.  I ran to Walmart yesterday to pick up a few things, and came out and had locked my keys in the car...in the ignition no less.  Normally, I cannot lock the door with the keys in the ignition, unless I am sitting in the seat.   I tried to call Roger...to have him go get our neighbor to bring him with his key.  Well, since his stroke, he cannot answer the phone...too many buttons there.  He may get it right once in a dozen times.

I tried to call our neighbor, but no answer.  Turns out I had one number wrong.  But he would have had a hard time getting Roger's attention to even get in and tell him what I needed.  So, I did not know who to call over there...in more ways than one.  A couple about our age was sitting waiting in the car beside me, so I motioned for her to roll down her window and told them I needed advice...and asked did they have anyone they would recommend to call to get my door open.

There was a car dealership near us, so she ran and asked them...they called a wrecker service and they came right out and opened it.  But the lady and her husband would not leave until they were sure I was being helped.   And tried to get me to wait in the car with them. This just goes to prove there are a lot of decent people still around.


I am going to leave you with this little short video...Don't Cry!

Saturday, October 24, 2020


The kitty is on up on the upper part of the steps...Copper is trying to make friends with her.  Not sure how long it is going to take.

Just have to share the views  my daughter sends...I guess Delta is also teaching him that the landing is a good place to have a view of the surroundings.

and third

Who can resist a face like this?

And now a little video of a puppy  doing what puppies do...it is very short.  But still soooo cute.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

More cuteness...

 I received this one this evening...isn't he adorable.  He has been barking at the neighbor mowing his yard and using his leaf blower.  


Yesterday I bit the bullet and and got this pin basted.  I did it on my dining room table.  I put the leaf in which makes it around 80 inches long.  And it is 42 inches wide.  There was about 12-14 inches of quilt top hanging over the far end, and on either side it came down to the floor.  The actual pin basting is easy on the table but getting everything spread out by myself is a real chore.  To try to get them centered on top of each other is not an easy task.  Anyway, it is pin basted, now I have to make a decision on what thread to use, and what design to quilt.  It will probably be something very simple.


Does anyone else use the wool dryer balls?  I think it was on someone's blog that I read that used them.  So I got some.  And I do like them.  My clothes still have some static, but sure not as much as before.  Plus sometimes I am almost positive they dry quicker.  Anyway, I had a load of clothes in the dryer and had used the whole set of six balls.  The dark ones that I use for jeans/Roger's t-shirts and jogging pants...well, I hung everything up and only had four of the dryer balls.  I looked in the dryer twice...thinking I had just not looked good.  

Nope, not there.  I looked on the floor, thinking I had dropped them and not known it.  No, not there either.  So I checked the jogging pants I had folded.  Not in them.  I was beginning to think I was crazy.  I started feeling of the clothes I had hung up,  There was a heavy sweatshirt, and one was down in each sleeve!

I will leave you with a quick little video.  It is not good quality, but it still makes me laugh.  

Sunday, October 18, 2020

It's a boy!

 I would like for you to meet our new Grand Furbaby:

As of right now his name is Copper.  He is a rescue...

Daughter drove to Dayton, Ohio to meet the people to pick him up last night.

Guess what?  He likes to watch TV, too.  We drove over to meet him today.

She sent this after we had been gone about 45 minutes or so.    They were worn out.  

I am so glad she got him....he is an intelligent puppy.  Delta likes him and he likes her.  He does howl...she is going to crate him at night or when she is gone.  And she plans to come home at lunch for a while to check on him, take him out, give him food.


While dog sitting those two weeks, I got a lot of hexies ready to make 'flowers'....

And actually finished one yesterday.  It is somewhat of a struggle for me to see to hand stitch, but I do like to do it.

That is all for now...have a good week ahead.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Scenes from the road and other stuff....


We are now settled in back home for a little while...the above photo was taken Sept 29th on my way to the dermatologist.

Notice this is a barn house!  I did not realize it till I looked at pic on my computer.  It is a from the road shot where I just try to aim my camera at a subject...I glance at the screen but that is about all I do.   I cannot take time to really do much other than glance.  The only reason I can do this is because it is a P&S and I am so familiar with it.  

 While staying with the grand fur babies, I made about half a dozen more crumb blocks...

We also went to a new to us inside flea market...I saw a few nice items....such as this cup

and I loved this rooster plate, but I did not buy it.  I need no more stuff!

The mole removed by the dermatologist was basal cell cancer...I will be going back November 6 for Mohs surgery.  Fun times ahead.  I might be glad that I have to wear a mask when out after that!  LOL  In case you don't know, Mohs surgery is done under local anesthetic.  The surgeon will remove a layer of skin/tissue and it will be checked for cancer,  If it still shows more, I will be taken back and they will remove another layer until it comes back clear.  

My father-in-law had Mohs surgery one time and he was taken back 7 times!  That was probably 37 or 38 years ago.  It was an all day thing. I hope mine is not that many times.  She did tell me I could wait in the waiting room, or in my car, or go eat, etc.

For fun I leave you with the latest Simon's cat.  

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Out of my natural element...

 I am at my daughter's house, taking care of Delta while she is away for work.  

Thought I might as well share this short video on here, since I just mentioned her....I had watched The Journey of Natty Gan the night before I tried to watch the above video, Iron Will.  She really enjoyed The Journey of Natty Gan, but it did not hold a candle to this.  I had to turn it off because she got so excited, I was afraid she was going to tear something up.  She would bark and bark, and grab her toy and shake it, then hold it and raise up on the shelf there thinking she could offer it to those huskies and them play with her.  Also along this line, she recognizes animals whether it be real ones, or cartoon ones.  Remember that.

She is so funny.  Daughter house is two stories...she watches the comings and goings of the neighborhood from the window in in her office that looks out to the street.  If something gets out of her sight there, she is up the steps like a flash to get a better view from the upstairs window.  and she knows enough to go from one room that faces one way to the other if they turn a certain way.

My daughters live about 3 miles apart, and when time permits, they walk together.  And most of the time they take Delta.  Sarah said, "Mom she is something else."  She said she never pays attention to other dogs...only if it is a German Shepherd.  

Remember the statement about her recognizing cartoon animals.  They passed one of those 'No dogs doing their business signs'....you know the one I am talking about.  Showing a dog in that position.  Delta seen the sign and ran over and poked it with her nose!


I had several things to tell about but am having a hard time remembering them.  I thought I would share the above pic from the 29th...this is from the driver's seat as I drove to Crawfordsville.  Being here I had to go a new route, and let me tell you, I sure enjoyed it.  I was so afraid that there would be a lot of traffic on this road, but I doubt I seen over a dozen vehicles on this road.  How I wish I could have captured the farm scenes and the atmosphere.  It was just glorious.

Lots of fields of soy beans have been harvested, as well as some corn...such wide open spaces.  I always think how happy farmers must have been to find this rich soil.  

I would have loved to have stopped and taken some good shots...these are while I drove.  I just sort of glance at my screen and shoot.   I have a whole lot more bad shots than good.  And the 'good' ones could always be better.  Anyway, I could not stop...I had to continue to the dermatologist...and not knowing what all kinds of construction I might run into, I had given myself lots of time.  

I got up there early enough to run into Walmart and pick up a few items, then continued on the doctor.  She took a mole off.  She does not think it is anything, but it was very close to where I had a mole that was skin cancer a few years ago.  I think she did it till I would quit worrying.  And it is not like I worry about it constantly.  Really, just once in a blue moon a second of real dread will pop up.  But am now waiting on the pathology results so I would appreciate prayers for it not to be anything.


OH!  I know what I wanted to share.  A good feeling story.  The other morn, I took Roger through the drive thru at McDonald's.  I was in the outside lane and had placed our order and was heading on to the pay window.  Well the lady on in the inside lane finished her order and I swear I thought she was going to just hit me.  I stopped, and there was bare enough room for her to go on when the car ahead of us went.  

I told Roger, 'Look at her!  I think she would have run over me if I had gone on!'  He realized it was happening and agreed with me.  But for one I did not even get really aggravated. When the car ahead went on, I just let her go...thought maybe she was running late.

I got to the window, and she had paid for our breakfast, too!  

That is it for this post....I am having a hard time concentrating.  Have not read a single line of a book since being here!  Just hard for me to settle in somehow.

Hope you guys have a good weekend...

Saturday, September 26, 2020

My sewing buddy

 Last night I was trying to work with my hexies, and Bubbie wanted to be close to me...here he is half asleep.

Speaking of hexies:

They are  hexagon shaped pieces of paper about the weight of some card stock.  They need to be stiff to keep the hexagon shape.

They are lain on a fabric 

And I use a ruler to cut around them, allowing for a seam allowance.  Normally, a quarter inch seam allowance is critical in quilting but in this not so much.

I use a pin to pair the hexie with its fabric... 

Next the 'seam allowance' is folded over the hexie and I baste it in place.

Later they will be whip stitched together, in my case to form a flower.

I am worn out tonight...going to close now....without a video or anything funny.  I hope you all are having a nice weekend.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Not much happening....

Not much happening around here....we were in Terre Haute yesterday and saw THIS Eagle on the way home...

Today, coming home from Hardees, I saw this one...

As you can see it is a Juvenile Bald Eagle.  I had rushed home and took these from the back porch.  I still find it hard to believe that we see them from our yard.  The first time I ever saw one in real life in the wild was in Michigan.  I never dreamed I would ever see them here on  a fairly regular basis.  There was a hawk flying near it for a bit and the hawk looked so tiny.


A few days ago, added a background to this leaf.  Just playing.  Not sure what I will do with it.  

I have also been getting some hexies ready for English Paper piecing but have not taken any photos.   It is something to sit and do by hand at night or at odd moments.  I used to at least half the time have something that I was hand sewing.  I am not sure when I almost completely stopped.   

How about a little Simon's Cat video...an oldie but still good.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Cannot resist...

I got up yesterday morn and was moving with ease...and still doing good.   If I only knew what I did to avoid doing it again, maybe I could avoid more back problems.

I really need to get busy and catch up on some things I have let slide.  In the meantime I ran across this video night before last.   

If I don't post this soon, I will totally forget it....just have to share it with you.  

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Daughter's finish...

My daughter has a friend who is expecting in November.  The baby shower is this weekend.  She had bought the paper pieced pattern for the fox earlier, expecting to have a bit more time.  She practiced making the fox and designed the rest of the quilt.  

The photos do not do the colors justice...it is in grays, but the light plaid has a real light gray in it that gives the quilt a blue feel.  The baby is to be a boy, and part of his name will be Greyson, and they will call him Grey...so we have gray fox instead of a red fox.

The above two photos were before it was washed...and the one below is after I washed and dried it today.  

I helped her do some of the sewing a couple days, then she came and we pin basted it and she quilted it Sunday.  I did the binding Monday and yesterday.  So it is wrapped and ready to give.


We went to the kids last week for a couple days and nights.  I have no pic to show, but there was a big maple tree beside of the road and the east side of the tree was  a beautiful red orange, or maybe it was orange red.  Just call it gorgeous!  I would so have loved a picture.

My lower back has been giving me trouble.  I called and got in to the chiropractor yesterday.  And have to go back tomorrow.  I could almost kick myself.  If I had went when it first started, it would be done and over, and probably only one trip.  


Are you having cooler, less humid weather where you are?  It has been so nice the past couple of days.  I even got a little cool sitting in the shade on the porch with a breeze blowing.   

I hope you all are staying sane and safe....I am not too sure about us.  Well, we are safe, not sure about the same part.

I want to leave you with a smile...it only takes a couple minutes....

Wednesday, September 9, 2020


 This is going to be a mixed up post...so beware.

First a sunset from the other night at the strip pits.  I don't really like the sun being almost dead center, but I wanted the clouds as they are in this shot, so that is how it is.  Other than the sunset, not much was happening out there.  

Older daughter and I went to a quilt shop on Saturday.  We immediately saw fabrics that Lorelei's mom would love as pillow cases....

The above two pillowcases are the result of that trip.  I was finishing the bottom one at 2:00 a.m. this morn.  

How about a tattered Tiger Swallowtail?  It is the only one I have photographed this year.  

And here we have my new hibiscus...just planted in early summer.  It has been well worth the money, even if it does not survive the winter.  
I had a sort of bad week last week...I had to go to the dentist, and the ordeal is too long to tell here.  But believe me it was an ordeal, and not over yet.  That was Tuesday of last week, and yesterday just started to feel half normal.

That is about all the time I have...had more to say but this is enough.  I have to get busy...hope you all are having a nice week....

Monday, August 31, 2020

Fresh from the vine....


At last, at last!! Enough tomatoes for more than just a taste.  I have had two tomatoes for a snack two nights in a row and consider myself blessed.   I could about eat the entire bowl...I do love tomatoes that much.  When I think of tomatoes, I think of my nephew Glen and me coming in from our adventures and having two or three for a snack in the afternoon.

After vacuuming and finishing a bit of laundry...I went to the sewing room and have finished the backing for the crumb quilt.  I won't be attempting getting the layers together for a few days.  I so wish I could get in the floor on my knees but that is no longer possible.  

It was overcast this morning, then the sun shone most of the day, but now overcast again.  We need rain so I am complaining.  I am hoping to get out for a drive at some point.  I have been seeing sumac ablaze with color but always at times I cannot stop and/or not room to pull off the road.  I have in mind places that it grows along dirt roads.

For now, I will wish you all a good week ahead.  I am tickled that I got to start mine off with a bit of sewing.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

From Lorelei....

 Last week they never notified Sarah that Lorelei was one of the kids exposed to the child that tested positive for Covid.  From things I have seen on the local news, if a kid has had direct contact with another student that has tested positive, the parents are notified.  We kept waiting last week, and Sarah never got any notification.  And then by the time she didn't hear anything, Lorelei does not want to come for just one night...she wants to stay two.   So we got her this weekend.  

Anyway, I have a couple pics of Kitty Soft Paws that she took...

Isn't she beautiful.

And she has the personality to match.  She really is a sweetheart.


Now for some of Lorelei's artwork....

The above is something she looked at and drew...it was not her creation.  Not sure how to word that.  But shoot, to even look at someone else's sketch and to draw that good is amazing to me.

And then there is the above...something she drew from some game, so for sure not her creation...but her drawing of someone else's creation.

And then there is the above and below.

I think she did make them up.  She calls them her robot girls...

I think she is creative.  And believe you me, she get this part from her mom, papaw and her aunt.  And not sure about her dad and his side of the family.  I would dearly love to be able to sketch, but I am just not good at it.

Just wanted to share these....hope you guys are having a good weekend.  

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Going to try explaining...

 Joy, at Joyful Quilter asked me how I made the leaf.  I made another one yesterday and tried to take photos along the way.  I know I should have taken a couple more, but going to make do with the photos I took.  This post is photo heavy, and will may be boring to some of you...don't feel bad or feel like you have to comment...I tried to write how I did it without photos to email Joy, but it is just not the same as with pics.  

(Please note, I forgot to change the copyright from Lorelei to my name...she did not take the pictures.)

I used a piece of  paper and folded it in half, and cut out the leaf shape.  

I opened the shape and cut in half from top to bottom, cutting a slightly curved edge down the middle.  As you can see I drew an angle on both pieces while they were laying face up, together.  This is a sort of guide/safety measure.  to give me a straight line to lay your first fabric strip against.  And also, this is to ensure I make halves that fit together when completed.

Above we see first fabric pinned to the paper...it is lined up on one of those lines, though you don't see the line.  I will place another strip of fabric right sides down, along this piece and sew.  Then flip the fabric open and press.  Then place another fabric on top of that. 

 If I don't like how wide the fabric is, I can bring my next fabric back away from the edge and sew.  I continue on till the half leaf shape is completely covered by fabric strips.  I used a basic 1/4 inch seam through out, but this is one part that the seam does not have to be exact.  And in a case like above, I trimmed away the excess of the fabric on bottom but that is not absolutely necessary.

I totally forgot to take a pic from the top of the piece...but as you can see, it looks a mess till trimmed.  I always prefer to lay on the cutting mat and trim with rotary cutter along the edge of the paper foundation.

Next I choose a fabric for the stem.  I want it a bit longer at the top especially, and I should have left more room at the tip than this shows.  I lay the fabric RIGHT SIDE UP and then place one leaf half RIGHT SIDE UP on the chosen fabric.

Again, use the rotary cutter and trim along the edge of the half leaf.  

Now, remove the paper from the back of the leaf and place the leaf and the stemfabric right sides together and take to sewing machine and sew using a quarter inch seam.  They look like they can never be sewn together but you just sew a few stitches and manipulate the fabric.

After sewing, use iron to press the fabric away from the leaf.  See how nice and flat it lays...

Then take the other half of the leaf and place on top of the stem fabric.   Remember both should be RIGHT SIDES UP.   I usually start at the wide part a bit over an inch wide and then angle it till it gets narrower.    I don't really know if anyone will try this, but if anyone does, if you make the vein too narrow there can be a mess with the seams being too close together.  I don't mind the little bit at the tip, but not sure if it could be made to press flat if it was that narrow all along the vein. 


Again, trim along edge of leaf half, remove paper, and place right sides together and take to sewing machine.

A new leaf is born!