Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Photo overload from today....

Roger had an appt over at Indianapolis...really Avon, but you cannot tell when you go from one to the other....so these are scenes along the way there and back.

Just so you know, it was misting rain in this one...that one I know for sure.  Remember to click and expand the view.

The rest of these are on the way home, and while overcast, no rain or drizzle, at least not in the photos.

Every direction I looked, there was beauty.

I have often wanted to turn  by this church and travel some of the backroads on that area

It was so beautiful that it made my heart sing, while at the same time I could have cried at the beauty of it all.

We just had to go to the ENT to get a prescription renewed...no big deal.  And he is going to up the dosage on one.  Roger leaned back and half slept all the way there, but did stay awake on the way home and saw all the beautiful colors. 

This is what I am reading now...He Called Me Son by Barbara Arnold.  I am enjoying it.  When I got it, it was free.

I have so much I need to do, so I guess I should be happy it is supposed to rain the next couple of days or I would want to take off and ramble the backroads.  Hopefully I will get to before the leaves are gone.