Saturday, February 12, 2011

There was a party.....

In the previous post, I showed a few pictures of Lorelei from the past two years...her birthday was actually the other day...but her party was not until today....we went over yesterday and spent the night hopefully help prepare for the party.

These photos are from today...the theme was Olivia...the TV Pig....that is her on Lorelei's t-shirt.
The first couple here was taken before the party...right after she got dressed. She was not in the mood to really pose...was more in the mood to goof off....
I captured the one above...she was being so goofy....I captured it and was going to try to get a picture of the look on her face but my battery died! I was so happy that I captured even this one of her 'posing'.... She is just so funny.
I was not in position to get her face....the house was totally full. I think besides Roger and I there were at least 40 people there...counting half a dozen children. I wish I had had a video of her opening presents....if it was a gift bag she would just rip the tissue paper from it and throw it over her shoulder....if there were clothes, they got throwed over her shoulder, too!

The clothes part was really funny, cause she really likes clothes. She was just focused on toys and opening more presents. Which shows how much she has changed in less than two months. At Christmas, she would open a present and not really be interested in the next...she just wanted to play with whatever she had opened. Today, she was perfectly fine with going from one gift to the next.
This is her with her mommy and her little cousin, Ellie...isn't Ellie adorable???
And here we have the birthday cup cakes....believe it or not, I think Lorelei was more interested in the decorations than in the cupcake/frosting....