Thursday, October 25, 2007

I saw but I did not conquer...though all was going well in the in the free-motion quilting. Then there dropped something on my quilt and I first thought it was a thread and then realized I had not had dark thread anywhere about. It was the thread take-up spring from the top tension. It had broke. So I came up and called the place I got my Juki from and they were so busy I had to wait for them to call me back. It would take them a week to get the part, then have to ship it to me, so I called another place I have heard mentioned on the Juki forums at Yahoo and will see how this goes. I ordered two, just in case this ever happens again...but in all my years of sewing this is the first I have ever seen one break.

After it broke, I quilted a few more inches and it still seems to do okay, so will try more after I get supper fixed. I am in the mood to get this thing finished. My husband came down and saw what I had done and thought it was really nice. I think I am losing my fear of the quilting, I just need to learn to slow down and not try to go so fast.

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