Friday, December 21, 2007

I just now noticed my full sized picture is at the top of my blog--hallelujah! And I went and checked on Intenet Explorer and it is back there, too! I am one happy camper now!


Barb said...

Smiling at your blog post today, *OH THE LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE US HAPPY* and I understand that the missing header picture was annoying, that is one of the things that drives me crazy LOL! I noticed last night that your blog header had returned, and thought that you had replaced it from the loss a few days ago!

Maybe now I should get brave and try andding a header picture... nahhhhhh I will wait until after Christmas (no time to mess with it now), but I will make an effort to try it!

HAVE A GREAT DAY, get lots done! Barb

Rose said...

Barb, probably is best to wait--if you are like me you would start it now and only run more stress!

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