Wednesday, December 19, 2007

These are two different sets of blocks--well not actually sets. Just blocks made from odds and ends of fabric that is left over from other things. The first blocks without all the yellow were made years ago and are 6 inches square. The ones with what seems to be becoming my signature color yellow I have been working on in little bits of time here and there. They are 6 1/2 inches
square ...yet somehow or other I will merge the two into one quilt, though I haven't decided how yet.

And that last is looking down in my tub of scraps...I really should have taken time to take a better picture
but I didn't. But you can still get the idea of what a mess I have. I declare that I cannot tell that I am using any out of it. I think I need to go down and just sew for an entire day. But that is not likely to happen till the holidays are over with.


Barb said...

Hey Mary, I am guessing a whole day of sewing scraps will not make a dent in your scraps nor in mine!

You made a much better choice in size, I am not sure why I went with 4" but that is what I am doing, and man it takes a TON of sewing to make a bunch of blocks...AND FOR SURE NOT A DENT in the scraps!! Your scrap tub looks very much like mine, just sew, trim and toss seems to be my style ;-0 to create that overflowing mess of scraps!

Oh and as to what I am going to do with them *NO CLUE*...but I am thinking at this point probably alternate with a solid or marble color just to make it go faster for the final construction! Have fun with your scraps...and remember it is just mindless sewing (at least for me)!! Barb

Rose said...

I had thought of the alternate blocks--and using up fabric from Joanne fabrics. Then I also get to thinking about using them as the center of a square in a square block....knowing me I might come up with something totally different.

Barb said...

Rose ~ please accept my apology for typing your name as Mary in my earlier comment must be yet another of the similarities for us, my sister's name Rose Mary, but called Mary...!! Sorry for the WHOOPS! Barb

Rose said...

That's okay--I could be called worse and it is part of my name. My brother is the one invited me to gmail, and he is one that still calls me Rosemary...almost everyone I know just calls me Rose.