Friday, December 7, 2007

Three of fifty pictures that I took today. I seen the sign Egg Farm Road and of course I had to travel down it. It was a nice little country road.

Even though the last pictures would give you the impression of miserable cold, I really was amazed to have any icicles at all. Just did not seem that cold enough to for anything to be frozen.


Barb said...

Great pics Rose! You are doing some fun things with your camera and the *Picasa*, keep on sharing with us please!

I love the earlier entry with the cat in the tree (!!) they bother your tree since you have the decos on it?

Rose could you share with me how you put the pictures in your header on the blog! I looked at the directions but I am a coward to try it ;-0 !! Barb

Rose said...

The cats are not too terrible bad with the tree--I swatted them with the newspaper when they started. Now I can usually yell no and they will at least pause. Have to tell you though, with the newspaper The Princess turns around and wants to play with it instead.

Later I will get on QYW to send you a message and on here and try to go through the steps of putting the picture in the header. I can't remember right off the top of my head. It was really kind of easy--but like you I didn't try it for a while.

The one thing I know I did was reduce the size of my pictures...oh, and the Picasa I used for those collages is free--I will also try to think and send you a link to it. Though you may already have it...