Sunday, March 9, 2008

From Fowler Park

First let me say that if not for Paula, I might not have got these posted...I had tried going down to just two pictures at a time with no luck, so when she suggested I try just uploading one I iddn't have anything to lose. As you can see it worked! So a big thanks goes out to her.
Roger and I went out for breakfast this morn and then for a short drive to Fowler Park south of Terre Haute. And the following are some pictures I took there. I am not saying that I love this picture, but I would dearly love to have this cabin for my own. Still not my reason for showing it to you,

I wanted you to see the cabin to show you what building this chimney belongs to. I just love this chimney! We could not go inside, but did look and it has the regular fireplace part, but also to the side is an oven area.

Again, not a great picture, and this is NOT the cabin above, but I like it. I took it, as well as the two below it through a window. This window was not glass--well at least the one you see through on the other side was plexiglass...or however you spell it. I didn't really notice when I took this one.
I like the two pictures below also...normally the reflections would aggravate me but I thought it is probably the only way you will ever see a picture of me on here. I hate my picture being taken, especially posed. If someone snaps a picture of me doing something I don't mind so much. I usually hate it if they tell me to look and smile though!


Paula said...

The pictures are worth the trouble. I have a love for log cabins too! Love the chimney and the last photo is very nice!

Barb said...

Oh Rose just sending a smile your way...I am not sure where to put my comment, so here you go, right here for both of your blog entries! Neat, neat pictures...and I DO KNOW WHAT you mean about a picture of yourself...I DO NOT LIKE pictures of me EVER!!

Your pictures are the cabin, and I love the lamp on the table, so homey!! Have a great day and enjoy your quilting on any of your machines LOL!

Mary said...

I love the stacked stone fireplace on the cabin.

I'm the opposite, I don't like photos that are snapped without me being aware of them - I prefer the posed ones of myself.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.