Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am having blogger's block right now....I even went for a drive and that did not get me out of my slump. Normally, I come home renewed but not this time. Not sure what my problem is. I got a few pictures, not particularly in love with any of them as far as being a good quality photograph. As always, I encourage you to click to enlarge the photo.

But I came up over a little hill and down, and here were all these buckets...someone is tapping the maple trees. No one was around to talk to or I would have asked a few questions. I am sure it takes a lot of sap to make a gallon of syrup. I wondered as I looked around how they collected the they have a tank of some kind that they bring and fill. These were not near a house or building of any sort so it has to be transported some way.

Then the other thing today was all these lambs...I wanted to go around and pet them so bad. But I literally know nothing about sheep. I didn't know if I might disturb the mamas (ewes) or not. I know some of our old cows did not like strangers around their calves, so I wondered if sheep might be that way also. But the babies got up and started bleating and running my way...I left before they got any more worked up. I really think they thought I should have some kind of treat for them.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Rose
Hope you get into the 'Zone' soon.. ha! if not then keep smiling and happy.. it really helps to walk around with a smile on your face... try it when shopping... if nothing else it will be fun to see how it freaks others out. If the dode not work try looking up then watch for others doing the same... make a noise like one of the sheep nd then walk off... I feel better just thinking about doing that.

I came across this on Maple Sap.
I've done it in the past with Silver Birch... I add it to wine and beers.

Yours are the first lambs I have seen... so far. I need to get out and see if I can find some.

Thanks for all your comments and visits I am always glad to see you name in my comments.

Gizmo said...

Sorry, I don't know anything about collecting sap.

But, I have been raising sheep/lambs for almost 10 years now. You're fine, if they come up to you - and the lambs are very curious! Once you enter their pasture/pen, you are at the mercy of the ewes - and it could be dangerous for both you and the babies. :)

Hope you come out of your slump quickly. I really enjoy visiting with you.

Carletta said...

We might not all admit it, but we all get blogger's block now and then. It's hard to create everyday. I think you did a great job. I especially like the little lamb coming toward you, but I also spy mama watching in the background.
Hope your day is much brighter!

Barb said...

Yep I recognize "blog slump", but for having it you again do have some great pics on this one! Love the maple syrup buckets and the baby lambs! Everyday on my way to school I pass a 'goat' farm and the 'kids' (baby goats) are beginning to appear. They are so cute jumping around with their stiff little legs and jerky jumps - love it because it makes me smile on my way to school everyday! Hope things are better soon Rose!

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