Thursday, March 20, 2008

This is the chimney to the house that we lived in when I was born....I am one of 8 children. I am one of the two that was born in the hospital. The rest my mom had at home. We did not have electricity till I was 2 or 3, according the my brothers and sisters.
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This is not from home, just a picture I took somewhere here in Indiana on some of my rambling around. I think getting out and just driving and literally not knowing where I am exactly is one of my favorite things to do. I always head out with a full tank of gas because sometimes houses are few and far between, besides being miles from any gas station. I am pretty sure this is from the northern part of Vermillion County, but I could not go to it. Just sort of remember being north when I came across it.
This is Old Bob's collar--he was our old work horse. He wasn't a draft horse...just normal size. They got him long before I was born when he was 5 years old and he lived till the ripe old age of 32/33...I think I was 16 at the time he got down and could not get back up. We had to have the vet come put him down, it was cold weather and he was out in the pasture. Could not get up to come to the barn. I think if I remember right that my brother took bales of hay and built a wall to block the wind. And one of the coon hounds guarded him and growled when the vet came to put him down the next morn.

I don't think I have a picture of him any where...he was white. And just part of the family. They built the new house about a mile away from the old first if he was lose, he would go back up there. Then after he became used to his new home, my dad and another man had him up at the old place doing something. When lunch time came they must have unhooked him...or maybe my dad just rode him up there. Anyway, they dropped his reins just to let him graze. He took off and went to his new home.

He was retired most all that I remember. And in later life we would let him out of the pasture to some of the grass that was not under fence but was still ours...he would never have dreamed of leaving home. Nor did he wander into the road. We did have a close call with a train though. And it put a stop to his being outside the fence.

See, the train normally only went up the holler and down late in the evening...and for some unknown reason it came along about 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. Totally earlier than it ever came...and he was grazing right near the track, and the train blew its horn...if it had not blown its horn he would have been fine. But getting right on him and blowing the horn scared him and he took off running....luckily he ran away from the track eventually.

As to the piece of chain with the collar, I have no idea what it is for. Maybe someone out there can tell me.

Another tale about him, one time we sold a calf. It was out in the pasture and my dad just told the guy to go ahead and get it if we weren't there. Ended up he came while we were gone, and went out to get the calf, and Bob chased him out of the pasture...would not let him near the calf. If he would have stood his ground, Bob probably wouldn't have done anything but he would bluff a person if he could. And he could, so the guy had to come back when we were home.


Barb said...

Neat blog post Rose, I feel like I am walking with you thru your memories of the past! How neat this is to read, and seeing the pics, you share some very interesting happenings! As a young girl I had a horse named --Dolly-- oh how I loved her ~ one day she was severly kicked by another horse and she had to be put down ~ I can still feel those feelings!

carolr said...

Hi Rose. I saw your name on Carletta's blog and noticed you're 52 like me! But I read your absolutely awesome info about your home when you were growing up. I love reading about how thngs were. Even though people went without, it seemed better than now as we hustle and rush along. I grew up in a suburb of Phila., but we had a milkman, one car, and not a lot of $!

Neal said...

I've seen Ol' Bob run a couple people out of the pasture nipping at their heels when they would take a bridle out to catch him. If you just stood there he would turn away but most people didn't have the nerve. Ol' Bob was also a good fake. He could act like he was straining his guts out when he wasn't putting forth an effort at all. All you had to do was to act like you were going to get a switch after him and he would put forth an effort then.


Carletta said...

Thanks for coming by. I've been here looking around some. I am a lover of old things and places so your current post is very interesting.
I noticed too, your photo of your lilac. I posted one of mine too. I hope mine survives the ever present deer I have on my property. They think the blooms are juicy!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I could have spent my afternoon here reading, I was tranfixed by your writing and could hear your voice in my head saying each word. I really enjoyed my visit and your style of writing.


Lorea said...

It's incredible the pictures that you've!! it seems that I've been there!!
Take care!!

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