Sunday, March 16, 2008

This is my husband's latest creation...isn't it gorgeous! It is for one of his best buddies...his buddy requested it this big. I think it is a 6 inch blade. That is a deer antler he used for the main handle...the little bit of dark right behind the brass part is from a sawed-off rifle stock. I think he needed it because of the length of the piece of deer antler.


Barb said...

Very skilled hubby, the knife is beautiful and for sure will be the pride of the buddy that will receive it! I would say 'talent is very obvious' at your house!

And if I may comment to your newly scanned covered bridge, your previous blog entry. Picasa is what I always use, I seem to have the best luck with that picture service for my blog pics! Your newly entered picture is easier to see, but I honestly didn't have trouble with the earlier one.

Old Wom Tigley said...

This is the work of a man who enjoys is work/hobby.. a craftsman and proud of it. In the UK owning any kind of knife is frowned upon.. I grew up with knifes, a still have a small one that I take out when I go walking. In the UK I would not be able to have this knife on me out of doors without being arrested for carrying an offensive weapon.. I think it's people that are offensive.. certainly knifes like this are not.