Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So Good To Be Home

This is the chimney at our old home place...

And the song playing is and probably always will be my favorite song of all so captures the strong emotions I have when thinking about Tennessee. I have always been a person to play a song to death, over and over, but usually it is replaced from time to time, with a new favorite. But I never stop loving those favorites...just a new one will take centerstage for a while. However, I don't know if any will ever replace this. I will leave it on for a bit, and hope that someone else will like it just a little bit.

One of my childhood friends, Debbie, that now lives in Pennsylvania liked another song by The Everybodyfields and had me listen to it...well, I got to listening to their other stuff and I will forever thank her because through her I found this song. Their My Space page has a different version than the one heard here...I definitely prefer this one. You can get this version from Emusic.

Anyway, listen to the song and read the words--

SO GOOD TO BE HOME by The Everybodyfields

I was sick about the time we hit Virginia,
I had tombstones down both sides of my face.
Driving all night home from Boston,
I was so tired of being away.
Thinking about summer time and heat waves
And a town, it hardly ever snows,
Hitting apples with a baseball bat in August,
That's where I want to go...
So good to be home.

Well sidewalks down here, they go forever
and they always seem to meet you with a smile.
If they don't park the cars out where they shouldn't [??]
I believe you can see clear for a mile.
Well there's a tree on Maple St., it turns so yellow,
it turns lose the leaves; the ground, it turns to gold.
My car, it always knows what gear to be in
and my feet can always take me home.
So good to be home.

Well the lights here, they can spin the head of a young man
into thinking that the whole town loves you.
But your heart is not protected from the city
it might help to get you through.
Well the downtown has given me some problems
and we've all had some growing up to do,
walking on cars and across the tops of buildings,
I think that God was probably laughing too.
So good to be home...

Down the street my neighbor's son is walking,
the north side is getting bigger all the time.
I owe the girl down at the library some money,
she says she's just gonna let it slide.
In my mind every single day is sunny,
it's so bright it almost hurts my eyes to see.
When the rain is pouring out over the gutters,
thank the lord just to be here in Tennessee.
So good to be home...

Half a mile now from the border,
half a mile just to roll my windows down.
Sitting, staring at the windshield,
telling myself "not too much further now".
I call David up to see what he is doing
and I pass him as he's getting in his car.
Down the road and take a right down State of Franklin
and we'll p__ the night away down at the bar.
So good to be home...


Carletta said...

Lovely post Rose - a very pleasing song.

Mark W. Peacock said...

Very touching photo -- goes so well with the lyrics. Thanks for sharing this song!

dot said...

I like the song too! I've seen places where there is nothing but an old chimney left. Always brings many thought to mind of who lived there. Very nice post!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The lyrics are touching my heartstrings, Rose. There really is no place like home!

Neal said...

Rose, I made this especially for you. It's got some blank space at the end and I don't have time to fix to get Allison down to SM.

Lilli & Nevada said...

What a lonely looking Chimney

Ferreira-Pinto said...

It's a lovely chimney and song!

imac said...

Nice song with a great photo.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Rose.
My that bought a lump to my throat... I felt the sadness of the sight of the chimney and I felt the happiness and proudness of what your post is all about. I look forward to yours and your Neals posts and I'm go over there right now.. :O).
I have a post planned about a old hillside home poem.. It is wrote by a local poet about his long gone home. The local poet as been long gone now. I found the perfect pictures of a run down to go with the words. As soon as I have it sorted I'll let you know.

nancy said...

It's late and I have my sound down pretty low. Can't understand most of the words, but those chord progressions are the ones that tug at my heart. Even without the words, I know it's aabout going home.