Saturday, July 5, 2008

Want to make some fishing lures?

We used to fish a lot, and with my husband being retired, we will probably begin to go a lot more than we did for a while. In order to save a little money, he makes a lot of our jigs and also spinner baits.
It all starts with lead. He has friends that will bring him lead from tire weights, etc. These he places in a lead pot...I am not sure how hot it gets but plenty hot to melt the lead. I have done that over an open fire. One thing you do not want to do is let one drop of water hit the melted lead because it will splatter everywhere!
Anyway, the lead pot has a spout in the bottom that is controlled by a little 'stopper'. I don't know what else to call is long and runs all the way to the top and has a wire connected to it. ( I use the term connected loosely--I think it is more like a notch is cut into the stopper and the wire runs through it.) It is a stiff wire, and has a handle that is lifted to open the spout, and allows lead to flow out. My husband has jig molds and buys hooks, you place the hooks in the open mold, which has one side laying flat till the hooks will stay put. You thing carefully close the other side to it, and it looks like the photo below.
With the mold above he makes 8 jigheads at a time. They will each have a little bit of excess lead that he has to trim off, and then he paints them one at a time. He uses model paint, and I think he discovered that he could use touch-up paint for cars and it dries fast.
These are all lures he made over a couple or three days. It is time consuming to sit and paint the eyes on. He don't always paint, but really prefers to.
Then for spinner baits, he has another mold. He also has to buy wire, blades, swivels, and living rubber.

He bends the wire to the desired shape he wants and chooses what blades he wants. This is a smaller spinner bait, but he also makes the larger ones.

The photo below shows the spinner bait just before the living rubber is added.
And here is the finished product.


Merisi said...

Thank you for this very interesting lecture!
My father was a fishermen, and one of my brothers is as passionate about it.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Very cool, Rose. Believe it or not, my husband used to make lures with our cat's fur. You wouldn't believe how many fish he caught! But he hasn't been fishing in years. Sad.

Neal said...

Is this how you get lead poisoning? :) Seriously, Roger makes some beautiful lures. I need to put in an order with him. :) I want the kind that catch fish. :)

Old Wom Tigley said...

This is every bit an artform as making jewelry is.. the work and time spent on these is sure a great skill.. tell you man these are great.

Carletta said...

What wonderful little pieces of art. The hanging lures reminded me of earrings - might not want to tell him that- great work.

merlinprincesse said...

Just answering your comment on Paintbox about layers... Yes, finally, I followed the instructions in Photoshop for Dummies...YUP! I can give you an easy explanation. You have 2 pics, one that is going over the other. You can work with each separatly. Then you have to find the tool that will allow you to put the second pic (first layer) on the first pic (background). Once you've put the second pic over the first one, you have to find the place where you can make the second pic transparent (more or less). Once you have found those 2 tools, you will be able to make some layering...adding as much pic as you want (or parts of pics).. I'm sure you will find! Eventually.... We all do... HHheheheheh.. :)

Digital Polaroids said...

Rose, I never imagine this process. Pure educational!

Rambling Round said...


dot said...

I'm forever amazed at the things some folks can make. Me, I've never been able to make anything.