Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Better days

I also got this fellow last night...my husband spotted him. Looks like he has had a pretty rough life.


chapmand1952 said...

A rough life indeed. Even for a short life you hate to see them suffer.

How long do these butterflies live?

Carletta said...

I enlarged this and found an amazing photo Rose! Well done.

Barb said...

Great picture, the butterfly looks tired to me ~~ maybe a long trip for it! I would say unique picture, they are hard to capture!

Laurie said...

Hi Rose,
Sorry about not explaining the lifetime thing better! I have been going to weight watchers and FINALLY achieved my lifetime status there. Basically, it means I reached my goal, maintained it for 6 weigh ins and am now able to attend meetings for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been YEARS in attempting this and I am so thrilled to have done it! Thanks for the note of congrats!

dot said...

I've never thought of finding a butterfly at night. You sure got a good shot of him.

Mary said...

Ah, but still so beautiful even with tattered wings :-)