Saturday, August 30, 2008

Painted Ladies of Insect Alley

I have spent a little bit of time in search of the name of the butterfly I posted first on yesterday's entry. I think it is the Bronze Copper, as seen here, but not real sure. If any of you have any other ideas as to what it is, feel free to tell me in the comment section. I also wondered if any of you noticed the Junebug in the fifth photo down from the top yesterday. I did not notice it at all when I took the picture, and I think it was the second or third time I viewed it on my computer before I noticed it myself. If I had noticed it when I was taking the photo I would have gotten a better one of it.

It took a while to find what one of today's entries is, but as you can see by the title of the post I got it figured out. I thought that I came up with a clever title for the post;-) Of the butterflies there, the Painted Ladies seen in the first photos seemed to be the least bothered by my presence. I have been trying for at least a month, if not longer to get some half way decent shots of butterflies in general. I do not know what the difference was out there, but after I would get out of the car for a little while, they seemed to accept my presence. All except the Buckeye, and I honestly think there might have only been one of those. There were several of the Monarchs and even more of the Painted Ladies.

I thought the butterflies with its wings together was a Red Admiral but I am wrong....I am correcting this on this late date of October 12--but better late than never.There honestly was a different butterfly there, but these are just painted ladies.. I made the discovery when I was visiting The EG Tour Guide earlier..from there I did a google search and was even more sure I was wrong.


Carletta said...

Hi Rose,
It's very late here but I wanted to come by and see what you had posted.
These are gorgeous.
I was in the country today getting some apples from a couple of orchards to put in my freezer - reminded me of your post this week.
Sure wish I could travel down insect alley with you one day - you have much to see.
You should do Camera Critters.

dot said...

Oh, I want to go with you two! Wouldn't that be fun!
Rose I don't know which is the prettiest the butterflies or the flowers but you shot some really good photos of them.

Abe Lincoln said...

These are nice butterfly photos. I think you got the name right on the top one. I read your name "buckeye" and remembered I had posted one recently but don't remember where? LOL

I went and read about your squirrel and the trees being cut down. Your squirrel is different looking than any of those around here. The faces of your squirrels are shorter and more "cute" than mine. Mine are longer and not prettier.

Mary said...

Oh, you got such nice photos! I got mostly side shots and never could get it to open its wings. Glad to see what the whole butterfly looks like :-) Beautiful!

Becky and Gary said...

Beautiful shots of the butterflies. I am ever in search for them, but haven't seen too many this year. At least I have plenty of blogs to visit that show grgeous pictures.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Beautiful - all !

Barb said...

Absolutely beautiful, God sharing nature with us thru your lens! For the life of me I can't get a butterfly to sit still long enough for a picture. Of course yesterday, one sat still but my camera is having problems ~~ might mean buying a new camera!! I will be shopping real quick like! Thanks Rose for these gorgeous pictures!

Jeannelle said...

Your photos are just beautiful and so bright and clear! I'm wondering what you use for a camera.