Saturday, December 20, 2008

Remember what blue skies look like???

Notice the date on the photo above. I have taken pictures most days since then and not a one has had the really blue skies like this. There were a couple times when the sky was clearing...but it was not this color blue at all. And I am not sure it ever got all the way clear.

And seems like towards evening some of the time it tries to clear. There have been sooo many beautiful sunsets.

Though I would like to see sunshine, I am still wanting a good snow. There is a chance for snow again Saturday night/Sunday, but again they are not talking any accumulation. I guess I will just have to be happy with the skims we have been getting.

We went shopping today...I got just a few more things for Christmas and got them wrapped when we got home. I still have to wrap for Kay and her little brothers.

While out we ran by Kmart...I picked up Christmas cards for next year....actually enough for the next couple of years. I liked them so well, I didn't even know if they were on sale and I was still bringing home 7 was a nice surprise to discover they were on sale for half the price.

I did get a little bit more of a start on a quilting project...I cannot tell about it or show it for a while yet. But it feels good to get a start on it. It has been weighing on my mind. If nothing happens, I am going to spend quite a bit of time on it tomorrow. I guess if I want to get up and work any at all, I better think about going to sleep.


don said...

The blue sky is very appealing. I live down in a depression and have to go somewhere to see sunsets. :-( We are still trying to clear out the 23.3 inches of snow we received Wednesday... Main roads are cleared, but local streets are impassible except for four-wheel drive, tall trucks and SUVs. Cars, like mine, remain parked!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Rose, We too are WAITING on some blue skies here in Tennessee. We did have a pretty sunrise this morning (first in awhile) and George took a picture (maybe for a blog).

Like you, we'd love to see some snow--but all we seem to get is RAIN, fog and drab conditions. Oh Well.

Your pictures are GREAT... Have a wonderful day.

Neal said...

Hey, I saw the sun yesterday. It may have been fro only about 10 minutes but I saw it. :) Yesterday's weather was interesting... When we got up it was 34 degrees, it wasn't 2 hours until it was 53 degrees and it stayed that way until we got to a retirement party at Lilly (around 1). We stayed at the party for a couple hours and when we came out to leave it was 39 degrees with the wind howling.

Mary said...

We had a brief bit of blue sky and warm it is cooling down again. I've noticed the lovely sunsets, too, but haven't gotten good photos! Last night was really colorful, but by the time I saw it, it was too dark for photos.

George said...

We haven't seen skies that blue in a long time. As Betsy mentioned there was a break in the clouds early this morning, but now the clouds are back.
Isn't it nice to find something you want on sale?

Your EG Tour Guide said...

We had blue skies and sun today. Yippee. So I grabbed my camera to get some shots of yesterdays 6 inches of snow before tomorrow's five or six inches and Wednesday's snow/rain mix. Yep, we have it all right now!

But I'm glad to say I DO remember blue skies since we had one today!

Carletta said...

Guess I've had bluer skies than you. The shots are wonderful.
Especially liked enlarging that first one - made it really nice.

You're making a quilt - is it a baby quilt?

Tricia said...

Oh How many brothers does Kay have? That's so sweet to include them in your Christmas giving!

I would love to see blue skies again!

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