Saturday, February 14, 2009

Remember this??

It has been a while since I mentioned of my best friends was asking about him the other day and I thought then that maybe I should show him in all his glory. You can see from the above which leg was broken. I brought him home the day before New Years and each day he seemed to shiver worse. We ended up calling and meeting the vet at the office on the Sunday night following New Year's Day. I had an appointment on Monday and was afraid to wait because he could not keep from shivering.

The next weekend we were having our daughter's baby shower...and I felt so under pressure. The doctor wanted to keep him and I told him I was done thinking about them keeping him for a few days. I had not been getting any sleep to speak of for fear of him hurting himself. The pictures below are his normal sleeping actions, but for some reason when I brought him home the first time, he wanted on the couch or chair almost all the time, and thought nothing of trying to jump down and I was afraid of him hurting himself, so I was trying to sleep on the couch. And was jumping awake at movement from him.
I took these pictures just an hour or so ago...he still carries his leg kind of funny, and it is stiff. I am not sure if that has to do with the pin still being in it, or if it is from not being able to use it. But I have a hard time keeping him out of things. It really doesn't slow him down much. I have caught him trying to make jumps that scare me. And he sleeps in the middle of the floor just like this a lot of the time.
He comes every morn to get me out of bed. He jumps up on the bed and walks on me, over to Roger, back on me. He will settle down for a short time and lay down next to me. Then he has to get up and keep pestering Roger till he gets him awake. That is, unless I get up and feed him. He is still a little piggy when it comes to food. That will settle him down for a bit...but it so good to have him getting around so good.


Carletta said...

He is a cutie Rose!
I'm so glad he is doing so well.

Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes yesterday and the 'song.'
It made me smile.

Barb said...

Ahhhhh Bubbie, I just want to reach over and scratch his tummy. He looks wonderful ~ thank you for sharing!

don said...

I'm glad you brought us up to date. It's good to see him looking much more normal. Nice shots of him!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

He is your little miracle kitty, Rose. I'm so glad he is doing so well.

Deborah Godin said...

Hey, Bubbie, nice to see you up and around!! My mother once told me the story of her pet Boston terrier who needed a leg cast. When it came off he still favored the leg for a long time until they put a temp fake cast on the other leg. When they took it off after a day, he was back to using all fours!

George said...

Thanks for the update on Bubbie. It's good to know that he is getting around so well.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I'm so glad he's doing better! He looks like such a sweetie!!!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Sounds like Bubbie is almost back to his old self. ;-)