Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jumbled thoughts....

I been sitting here fiddling with the layout on here...didn't really change anything except the picture across the top and a couple colors. Just in the mood to try something different. It is too late to change the whole thing around. I finally settled on a picture to old barn. It is one from last Sunday.
I spent the day in Terre Haute with my oldest daughter...we went shopping. she wanted to get material for me to lengthen a pair of her curtains. We went to Hobby Lobby and found material just exactly the right shade of brown, and almost the same type of fabric. So I now have something else I need to sew. And once I start, I will enjoy it.

I do worry about getting things right. She won't be as picky about the way it turns out as I will. And I will be more of a perfectionist with it being someone else's than if it were my own. It really shouldn't take too long. I still have got back to quilting on the baby's quilt...maybe I will also work on that tomorrow.

Sarah brought Lorelei up for a little visit yesterday....she is a doll. Shelby, our old collie-mix dog was totally thrilled with her. The cats just sort of looked and ignored her. I made spaghetti and garlic bread for the rest of us, and sent some home with her for Jeremy.

I probably make my garlic bread a little different to most people....oh, I don't make the actual bread itself. But I buy a loaf of Italian bread, and I usually buy it pre-sliced. I butter it, then sprinkle it with garlic salt, and fry it on top of the stove till it is toasty brown. It is just better than baked in the oven for me.

And sometimes we will get a loaf of Italian bread and slice it as thin as we possibly can with an electric knife, which is about a quarter of an inch thick or less. Butter those slices, sprinkle with garlic salt and fry. It is almost like eating potato one can eat just one.

It is late, late. I got to get to bed...the cats are all sound asleep. Oh, I do take Bubbie to the vet to get his pin out Monday. So keep your fingers crossed that all goes well.


don said...

This is an interesting barn with windows in the sliding doors. I don't think I've seen that combination before.
It's on its last legs, but one would hope someone would have the money and interest to keep it going a few more years. Nice shot. I want to try your fried garlic bread! :-)

George said...

Your garlic bread sounds delicious. We'll have to try your method the next time we have some. I really like the barn in the picture you posted.

Carletta said...

I see sepia written all over this barn. :)

I make my garlic bread on top of the stove too!

I love the header - it fits really well and I like how the sky seems to stretch across the page. Nice.

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