Monday, March 2, 2009

Time to share

First of all, if you came for Ruby Tuesday, scroll down.

My friend Tricia, at Bluff Area Daily blog recently chose me to receive these awards. I want to publicly thank her here before it gets too much later. And I am even trying to form the list in my head of who I want to pass them to.
The Kreativ Blogger award is supposed to go to seven people, but I am limiting it to fewer than that. I for sure want to pass it to:
1. Lene @ Knips & Nips
2. John @ John's Photoblog
I ran across both of these through Sky Watch Friday...I originally kept going to John's to find out who played this instrumental he at one time had on his was an added bonus that I loved his photos.
Just within the past few weeks I ran across Lene's and I just happened to glance at her sidebar and lo and behold, John is her husband. Let me tell you, her photographs are awesome, too! I am not sure they accept awards, but even if they don't, I hope you all will check out their blogs.
3. East Gwillimbury Wow! (Daily Photo) and More of Me, Another Side....Not sure if you accept awards, it doesn't offend me if you don't mention this on your blogs, just want you to know that your photos give me great joy.
4. Dot @ The World in Black and White I know she usually doesn't accept awards, but I still think you should check it out if you like B&W. I gave this to her because she came up with concept for it. She and Tricia of Bluff Area Daily and Mojo of Why? What have you heard? are the administrators of this blog.
Now this Friends award...Hmmm, let me see.
Right back at ya, Tricia (Bluff Area Daily)...I want to send it back your way.
then there is:
2. Carletta @ Carletta's Captures and Round the Bend. I always enjoy Carletta's posts...her new blog Carletta's Capture is going to feature some great photographs...and there is always something of interest at Round The Bend.
3. Betsy @ Joyful Reflections--I found Betsy through my brother, Neal and his blog. She lives in Tennessee, which I still consider is where I grew up. I always enjoy her it when she shares her life with us all. Her and her husband George, met later in life and you just feel their love for each other. Always come away with a brighter outlook after visiting her blog.
4. Barb @ *We* Quilt Barb is one of the first people to comment on my original blog...we met through a quilt forum. I have grown away from the forums, but we still keep in touch.
5. Mary @ Faith, Fabric, and Photos
I don't remember how I first found her blog but I continue to go back, if not daily, if I skip a day, I still check out all her posts. She always has lots of bird pictures on her blog, and usually at the end of the week she has Squirrel Sunday... She is an Indiana gal, like myself.

Now to post this and go tell everyone that they have received this award...I am not posting any rules so do what you choose with them. Sometimes rules are made to be broken.


Anonymous said...

Oh garsh Rose ({blush}) Thank you! You're so sweet & thoughtful - I appreciate ya!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Thanks so much, Rose! How very kind of you! This means a lot to me. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, Rose - Knips & Nips is a Fantabulous blog - her photos are Gorgeous!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Rose, Thanks SO much.. That means alot to me... AND you, my friend, definitely deserve the awards you have received.

Have a wonderful day--and let's see more pictures of that gorgeous grandbaby.

Mary said...

Thank you very much, Rose! I'm always honored to receive an award even though I am terrible about passing them on. I'm glad we have met through our blogs and hope we eventually meet in person since we only live a couple hours drive apart!

Barb said...

Thank you Rose, FRIENDS is the perfect word for you and I...from the early days ;>) and for a long time to come! This is truly special for me! I enjoy your blog and your friendship ~ both are high on my list!

dot said...

Thanks so much Rose but it's the folks like you with the great pictures who make the B&W blog! I appreciate you thinking of me.

Carletta said...

Thank you Rose! I feel like I've known you for ever even though we've never actually met. I've considered you a friend from the very beginning and hope we will be friends for a long long time.

Congrats on your awards - you and your blog deserve the recognition!

don said...

These represent well deserved recognition. Fine looking awards too.

John said...

Thank you, Rose!
I am grateful for this award. I take it with me and paste it into the sidebar on my blog. :)

Congrats on your awards, Rose.
You deserve this.

Lene said...

Hello, Rose :)

Sorry I`m late to visit you, but beside work, I am a student, and I have been a bit busy this week.

John told me about the award, and it made me really happy. Before a opened my photoblog, I had an interiorblog, and I desided to blog awardfree. Ofcourse it is great to be thought about and appreciated - but I always got such a bad feeling about giving it to others. I know its just for fun, but its impossible for me to choose some blogs before others. Hmmm - silly me.... ;)

Anyway, Rose - Thank you so much for thinking about me :) If you force (LOL) me to give it back to someone - I`ll give it back to you - you made me happy :)

See you at Sky watch :)

Warm greetings from Norway :)