Thursday, April 9, 2009

Clothes drying weather...

Saturday, my oldest daughter and I went on a little drive to go to this Amish owned antique and junk is out in the country sort of in the middle of no where. When we got there, signs said there was a sale and that they were open...but no one was around and the door was locked. So, we figured they might be having lunch, so went for a drive in the country up there.

It definitely must have been wash day for the Amish...every Amish farm we passed had clothes on the line. I only took a couple pictures but want to go back and take more. We did wind up back at the Turkey Run Antiques, they were open, and I did buy a couple books. But no rocker...which is what I was hoping to find.

Today, I should have stayed home and had clothes on the line today, but instead we went to the woods in the hopes of finding a few early mushrooms. I am sorry to say there was no luck in that department. I didn't even take my camera and I so regretted that. Things are slowly starting to come up, and even a few things were blooming. I saw Dutchman's britches and trout lilies, and a number of things I do not know the name of. I could have stayed busy just trying to get good images of those things.

We came home, and I fixed a bite of dinner...and have since taken some pictures of things for Roger. Now it is time to get back to my current project...and no, it isn't for Lorelei. Hopefully I will get done in the next few days. It is sure a slow process....


Carletta said...

Before I read your comments I was looking at that first image and said to myself that I bet it was Amish.
My Hubs said the other day we needed to go back soon.
Can hardly wait to see this new project! ????

Betsy from Tennessee said...

In so many ways, Rose, I am envious of the Amish.. They do live the simple life..

Sorry you didn't find your rocker. Keep looking---you'll find one!

Good Luck with your project. You'll be so glad you did it once it's finished.


George said...

It's very rare to see clothes drying on a line anymore. You brought back memories of a simpler time.
You wouldn't be wanting that rocking chair so you can rock Lorelei, would you?

Leedra said...

Bought me a new a "used furniture" store close to the house in Rockwood. Think it cost less because the store didn't say antique. Love it. Now if the new grandbaby would decide to show his face. :)

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Mary said...

Clothes on the line this time of year looks so fresh and clean and I can almost smell the sunshine in them :-) In most subdivisions now, you aren't even allowed to put up a clothesline...spoils the looks of the neighborhood. Is that progress?? Think of the healthy work involved and the saved energy. Ah, well. We went woods walking and saw some of the same flowers :-)

dot said...

I love the picture of the clothes blowing in the breeze! I still hang mine out.

Anonymous said...

When I hang clothes out on the line, they smell like sweat - I hate it! I don't know why others can't smell it!
I know what your project it! hehehe But I ain't tellin'! LoL!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

It does seem a bit early for mushrooms...but hey! You did see Dutchman's breeches and trout lilies. ;-) Most of our latest snowstorm is gone...almost.

Golden retriever de Louisette + chat chartreux said...

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