Sunday, April 26, 2009


I don't know why, but lately I find myself really liking sycamore trees. I don't know if their wood is actually good for anything, and I know they don't provide much shade. But somehow or other, I like the way their trunks stand out against the surrounding backgrounds.

I guess I also find myself drawn a lot more to the single trees left standing here and there...specially when they are in the middle of a big plowed field.

Speaking of plowing, I am so ready to plant a few tomato plants and our usual bell peppers. But there seems to be a hitch this year....I bet I drove over a hundred miles yesterday, went to three green houses and one home center looking for the supersonic tomato plants and did not find a one at any of them. Today, I checked our local Walmart and they had even less.

I love the flavor of the supersonics when grown in our garden; for some reason, a lot of the others don't have a lot of flavor. But this year we really need to perform some tests. We need to pick several varieties and keep track of where they are planted, and see which ones have the better flavor.

Right now though, I need to tidy up the house....I have a quilt that I made that hangs in the dining room. One of the cats has been jumping up and pulling it down, and then they all sleep on it. I need to devise a better way of hanging it. Yet right now, one is snuggled in it and I haven't the heart to make him move. I will wait till he goes back outside before I do anything with it. It is nothing fancy...I wouldn't let him do that to a 'good' quilt, but this is just one I experimented on. You can see it here...

So I best get this published and see what I can get done.


T said...

I've always loved Sycamore's and think of them as the "ghost trees". They are so lovely and just have their own grace and beauty amongst all other trees!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I agree, Rose. Sycamores are great trees. I think it may be too early for tomatoes--especially around here. We only grow the little cherry ones on our back porch.. My father-in-law usually grows enough tomatoes in his back yard to share with us. I LOVE home-grown tomatoes..

Poor kitties... They are just so abused!!!!! ha ha


Your EG Tour Guide said...

I just checked out the quilt. Nothing special? It's lovely, Rose! Your cats have excellent taste. ;-)

fishing guy said...

Rose: Good luck with all your plants, we are a month away from plnating because of frosts.

don said...

I don't think we have sycamore trees here... at least not as native trees. I like how they stand out in a stand of trees. Interesting "tomato" comment.

George said...

I also like sycamore trees -- I like the way they look in the early spring.
I haven't seen any tomato plants around either, but it's still a little early here on the Plateau.