Monday, June 22, 2009

A blue heron

Last evening at the strip pits, this blue heron was one of the first things I seen. I almost missed him in all the mess. It don't look too bad from this angle, but from the angle of approach, he was hardly noticeable.
He eventually took off and went to the bank across the strip pit. There he really did blend in till he was hardly noticeable. Most of the ones I see out there take off before I ever have a chance to take a single picture. I don't know why this one stood around as long as it did.
Lorelei was on the solemn side for her today. Just quiet a big part of the day. However, right before her mom picked her up she started laughing at Shelby. First Shelby came up sniffing of her feet and that got Lorelei started smiling. Then we were talking to Shelby and she was going from Roger to us, and back to him and she started laughing out lout at her.

It was hot and miserable here hot we didn't enjoy sitting in the swing very much. And I think Lorelei definitely missed it. We are talking about getting a fan to have out there to keep the air moving around a little bit...but we shall see.

Right now, I am going to post this and head to bed.


Carletta said...

I enlarged this and he's a wonderful capture!

I had to smile at the comment you left me about the quilt barn. After posting them I've been looking at patterns. We have a two story detached garage-barn and I think it would be perfect to have one. I'm going to do it. You should too so we can compare. :)

Tom said...

Well captured Rose..... I took a walk yesterday by the river which run through a busy nearby town... I saw 5 Heron and 2 King Fishers... all within earshot of busy roads and passing trains. Yet when I'm out in the countryside if I see one Heron I feel lucky... and Kind Fishers are a rarer sighting for me..

I think you should invest in that fan.. I could not do without mine... and on hot days our little CaraJade loves it.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Hope you get a fan soon, Rose. Summer has only just begun.

I keep looking for herons but haven't seen any yet this year.

don said...

Both heron shots are fine captures. It is obviously a difficult bird to shoot. Yes, get a fan... moving air, even if warm, is better!

Deborah Godin said...

Hot here too, fans are going round the clock! I haven't ventured out to find any birds. In this heat, they have to come to me or they don't get "watched"!!

Deborah Godin said...

p.s. forgot to mention, I LOVED your wren/cake story!!!

Jacob said...

Herons can be difficult to photograph because they don't like you to get too close...but you did very well!

It's hot here, too...103 yesterday and 92 today and it will be in the high 90s for the foreseeable future!


Have a great evening, Rose.

fishing guy said...

Rose: I usually have a lot of luck with heron although they can be easily spooked.