Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What to post....

First of all, I want to state that both these pictures were taken by Roger. The first is of Lorelei yesterday after a short nap. That is a yawn and not her being funny. That is what I have felt like doing all day.
The one below is of Cougar...and this is what I should be doing now. He slept so sound...I change Lorelei on my bed, and he slept there the whole day and did not even move the whole time.
Last night after Lorelei went home, Roger and I got ready and I went on a hunt for a stove....I finally settled on one at the last store, Lowe's, that we went to. It has coils--two big burners and two small ones--and they are arranged the way I am used to.

We didn't take the truck last night, so this morn after Lorelei was here and settled in we took the old stove out and Roger took it to the salvage yard and went on and picked up the new one. But as we were getting the old one out, he took the knobs off, and under them there was this smoky from a fire. I bet we don't even know how close it was to being a fire. Probably not one cause there was nothing to burn.

I was just so relieved to make a decision about the stove, but even more so that it is now here and in place. I didn't do any real cooking on it, but have had the burners on and the oven on. I don't have Lorelei in the morn, but go to her house tomorrow afternoon and watch her for a few hours.

It rained the entire day here, sometimes a lot and sometimes just a steady light rain. Anyway, it was on the cool side and every time we tried to sit outside, the wind would blow just enough to blow a little rain in. So Lorelei missed that. She really likes to go outside and sit and watch what goes on around. I am done wondering what we will do when it is really cold this winter.

I almost forgot...Lorelei and I were sitting out back after Sarah came to pick her up. She got to help me feed Mama Squirrel. Mama Squirrel did not seem to mind...but Lorelei was quiet.

Sarah and Jeremy are trying to find a good glider swing for their yard. One that Otto cannot tear up. He is so rough on we have to find a sturdy one.

I will hush for now...need to settle down mentally till I can sleep.


T said...

I love when babies yawn - they do it with their whole face/body!

fishing guy said...

Rose: Certainly looks like everyone is tired. Glad you did someting about the stove to save you from a fire.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Rose, your life has changed now that you have a baby in the house alot of the time, hasn't it????? She is such a cutie--and that is a big yawn.

Glad you got your stove. It would be hard to live without a stove for long, wouldn't it???? Glad also that you didn't have a fire... yipes!!!!

Have a great day.

Vicki M. said...

Lorelei is adorable!

I checked out the pics of Otto. He is big! I'm not sure they make a swing that he won't be able to chew (speaking from experience)!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Cute photos, Rose, even if it was Roger who took them. LOL

I am so GLAD you replaced that stove before something worse happened than burning baked goods!

Judy said...

I love that yawn...such a cute capture.

don said...

What a yawn! She is so cute. Nice shot of Cougar too. I'm glad you got your stove dilemma solved. It must be great to have an arrangement of burners you are used to.

Anonymous said...

look at that great big yawn!
cougar sure looks comfy!

thank you for the comment about my badge - it's my pic from a few Sepia Sunday's ago! hehehe

Anonymous said...

You have an Awe-summm award waiting for you on my page, swing by & check it out!

Barb said...

Lorelei and Cougar both have the right idea...yawn and sleep :>)!

WOW to scarey about the possibilities with your stove, I am glad you replaced it, and I bet you are too!

Deborah Godin said...

I'm close to heading to bed here, too, and these photos just gave me a boost in that direction!

Jacob said...

Thanks a lot. I can't stop yawning, now!

Fortunately, I can go to bed soon!


George said...

I really like the picture Roger got of Lorelei's yawn. It's precious. I'm also glad you got a new, safe stove in place.