Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Strip pits again==but not the last time I am sure

I thought I would share these from the strip pits. I took this one of the blue heron from inside the Rav. I tried to get out and get close, but soon as I stepped around the Rav, it took off.
The sky was absolutely amazing that evening. We had started out to go to this nearby little town to get an ice cream cone, not even realizing what the sky looked like. We took a side road trying to find a place to capture it....and I did take other pictures there, but none of them are very good.

So, we went on and had our ice cream, and before we got home Roger asked me if I wanted to go on to the strip pits. I never say no to that, so out there is where we ended up. Even when we got to the strip pits, the ones to the west and northwest are not as good as I wish they were. Even so, the one above kind of gives you a feel for it.
Then these other two are taken just about 3 minutes later, looking east and southeast. I need to do a collage of all the photos I have looking down this road...and the changing weather. I even need to get all my pictures labeled and just see how many are from out there. It would be a big percentage.
I don't have Bright Eyes for a few days...her mom just got through working 7 days and is off for two or three. We have things going on every one of those days though. We are having a cookout this evening when Jeremy and our other daughter gets off work. One to celebrate all the month's happenings: Sarah and Jeremy's 5th anniversary, Rachel's and Jeremy's birthday, and our anniversary at the end of the month.

I best get moving...I have to go to the grocery store to pick up things we need.


Mary said...

Wonderful sky shots! Stripper pits are such great places once they are reclaimed. Good shot of the heron. They are so spooky at times to try to get.

George said...

I'm glad you get to the pits as often as you do. You get some wonderful pictures there. Your sky pictures are just great and would make a wonderful collage.

don said...

A fine series of sky shots of the remarkable clouds and their variety. The strip pits make a wonderful place to look of pictures. The ice cream cone sounds like something I'm going to need later today! :-)

Deborah Godin said...

Wonderful 'abstractions' of the fields, and the clouds are beautiful (if threatening!)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful pictures, Rose. Love the sky when it looks like that.

Enjoy your few days without Bright Eyes. I'm sure you'll miss her though--but her Mama probably misses her more when she has to work.

Happy Anniversary the end of the month...

Enjoy all of your celebrations.

Carletta said...

Love the heron shot!
If I were near those pits I think I'd spend too much time out there. It's such a beautiful place.

Tom said...

I have always enjoyed you 'Strip Pit' pictures. and I would be at home on such roads for sure Rose..

Jane and I have started to copme down from our cloud nine concerning the birth of our Grandson Malakai... taking pictures of him is fast become a full time job.. ha!... My son as had the use of my camera for the last two weeks and it came in so handy for them..

I hope you enjoy the 'Cook Off'... set two more places for me and Jane will you... ha!

My blogs today show a Gypsy Waggon and a Weather Vane

Anonymous said...

Nice photos on your post today.

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Your EG Tour Guide said...

I love seeing your photos from the strip pits. Luckily, the Rav knows the way!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Rose: I love that bird but they are rather skidish. You have to move so slow to not scare them.