Saturday, August 1, 2009

Garden views

The other morn when I had my camera out I took these photos....I like the simplicity of them.
I planted some birdhouse gourds along the fence....I can't even remember if I have ever planted these gourds before. I was hoping they would grow up the fence....
and they are, but they are also growing up my tomatoes and the tomato stakes. I almost feel I am in a jungle when I am out there.
But I am still glad I planted them. I just hope I have some gourds that reach a good size.

And they don't seem to slow the tomatoes down....I made 4 quarts and a pint of salsa night before last, and need to make more. I like making salsa because I cannot find any to buy that tastes good consistently. Year before last I made 26 quarts of it, which lasted Sarah and Jeremy and us till this year. Though Sarah may have been out a little while.

Our other daughter, Rachel, likes thick and chunky salsa, so she had rather buy her own because my salsa has lots of juice, which is the way I like it.


don said...

I too like the simplicity of the leaves with the droplets of water. Very nice picture. The others are enjoyable too. I admire your production of salsa in such quantities. I hope the gourds develop as you'd like!

Deborah Godin said...

You've really captured the simplicity all right, and I love the 'phone cord' tendril! (and thanks for the new one from Simon's Cat, I have a while playlist devoted to him on YouTube, will add this one!)

Mary said...

Love the twisty vine...thought it was a telephone cord at first!

Carletta said...

Looks like most of us see a telephone cord in that vine! :)
Nice shots Rose.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Tomatoes aren't doing very well here. Not enough sun! And it's also too cool this year.

I grew gourds one year and then didn't know what to do with them. ;-)

Nice pics!

Jacob said...

Lovely photos, Rose. It's amazing what we can find, sometimes, right in front of our eyes!

Your salsa sounds delicious! I prefer the juicy kind, too!

Small City Scenes said...

Your salsa sounds yummy. I like it mild too.
Vines---they go where they want to. LOL. I hope you can get enough gourds to make at least one birdhouse. Fun thing to do.

Simon Cat video is so funny. I have only seen one other---it is where he is sleeping (again) and the cat is trying to wake him up. Again lots of destruction. LOL MB

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Rose: Really cool shots.

Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

Mmmmm.... salsa!! I love it but noone I know makes it homemade. I always have to buy it... sigh.
Nice pictures!