Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Minutes alone...

Below is picture that I scanned in from an old photo the other night. Sort of looks like I feel part of the I am falling apart.
For the first time in ages and ages, I have some time where not another soul is around except for the animals. It feels strange, but good. Roger has gone to visit and old friend of his in Terre Haute; he turned 80 on Monday.

Sarah is home today with Lorelei, and I didn't go down there but have stayed close to the phone. I spent the past two days down there, just to give Sarah a little break. Lorelei keeps us both laughing with the things she does. When it is just me there, Sarah will sit in the living room to nurse her....well, yesterday she would nurse a minute, then roll over and look at me and grin, all the time her leg is kicking. If her leg is kicking, she is a happy child.

She was just pure comedy to watch. Over the weekend, she would do something similar with her dad. She would look at him and do this fake cough to get his attention. I really have not been around very many babies...I had never changed a diaper till I had my own child so you have to keep that in mind when I say stuff about Lorelei. Things like I have never seen another baby jabber the way she kids jabbered, as well as the toddler that I babysat when our girls were toddlers.

It is Lorelei's actual way of jabbering that is so is from the back of her throat and almost sounds as if it is straining her voice. And she will do it as loud as she can....
I just talked to Sarah and will probably head over there in a bit. They are having a new fence put in....the guys came yesterday and took down the old one and put in the posts for the new one. They told Jeremy they had to let the posts/concrete sit over night. Yet they did not come back today. So, for right now, they have to take the dogs out on their leashes. Otto definitely will not mind enough to let loose, and she just doesn't feel like yelling at Keesha. Keesha will eventually listen, but she is so hard headed that if she really wants to do something, she will keep pushing for it.

I have a load of clothes in the washer and want to get them put over to the dryer, and another load started before I head that way. And have a couple other things to do here at home. So it does not look like I will get to do any blog visiting tonight.

On top of being over Sarah's a lot, our DVD player/recorder seems to have bitten the dust. I spent time last night trying to decide whether to invest in getting it fixed, or just buying a new one. If I didn't want one that records also, I would just go get a new one. But there are times when I want to watch two things that are on at same time, or else Roger wants one thing and me another. Or if there is something I am afraid I will forget, I will sit it to record.

But the more I read customer reviews of them, the more it seems like they all have not sure what is best to do!


dsmcaron said...

I like your photograph and have a number of them I would like to scan in and post on my blog. I have some photos of ice from Antarctica that I put in a frame. I just love them and would like for them to be online nowadays. That's a project for a snowy day, but when those snowy days come along...well, you probably know how those "snowy day" projects get pushed around until the next snowy day.

George said...

I like this photo. I have many slides that I need to scan so I can post some of them. If only I had time ...
I'm sorry I can give you any advice on DVDs or DVRs.

Jacob said...

I cannot pass an old building like this without taking a photo. I think it is a fine shot.

It is nice sometimes to be by oneself! Especially when you know it isn't forever!

Good luck with your DVD player...probably better to buy a new one...

Tom said...

Hi Rose...
ounds like you are kept so busy..... Jane and I have much the same way right now with our new grandson... such a great feeling being grandparents...

I love this picture as soon as I saw it.. I was reminded of a poem I came across a while back.... I had to search it out for you as tit goes so well with this pic... I hope you like it.

That Old WoodenShack

That old wooden shack
Standing out at the back
Has been there since goodness knows when
It’s seen better days
And I guess what it says
Is it never will see them again

Broken old slats
A roof full of bats
And more spiders than stars in the sky
I once heard a rat
But my man saw to that
And a Wasp’s nest or two bye and bye

The door doesn’t shut
And not even a hut
Is as run down as this poor old shed
While two panes of glass
Once lay smashed on the grass
Where I gashed my bare feet and they bled!

It leaks in the rain
And the snow is a pain
Blowing in from all over the place
And an old climbing Rose
Has stuck in its nose
And is growing inside at a pace

But nevertheless
And despite all the mess
Or the mice that have moved in to stay
I love that old shack
‘cause it takes me right back
To my childhood when light filled my day

Daisy ?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Rose, My sons all have DVR's and love them. We haven't gotten one yet---but some day we probably will. There are conflicting shows sometimes --and it would be great to record one and watch it later.

Lorelei sounds like a very happy, well-adjusted baby. You are so lucky to have her in your life.

Have a great day tomorrow.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Well, as you know, I love old barns. ;-)

Good luck with getting a new DVD player/recorder. I tend to leave those decisions to my hubster so I can't help you there. I'd guess that it depends on what's wrong with yours as to whether it's better to get a new one or have the old one fixed. I'm lucky since my husband likes to fiddle with things and is usually able to determine exactly what has happened. He can't always fix broken-down equipment but he usually knows what the problem is. And it often turns out that we need to buy a new one. LOL

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Rose: I love the building in B&W. Some of the things made today are only made to last a short while.

don said...

The old building is a fine one to capture for your blog. I like the textures and light tone of the image. Your account of your day was very interesting. Sorry to hear your DVD player went south!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you have your hands full at the moment - deep breaths

give Lorelei a big hug for me - I miss my grand baby so much

Vicki M. said...

Rose...Great photo! I love old building, too, as you know.

Sorry, don't know anything about DVRs.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Lovely old photo. I love BWs and barns and old buildings.

I hope you stay healthy and happy.

Hyde DP said...

Love the old barn!

Mary said...

Lorelei obviously is the joy of your life :-) I enjoy seeing your enthusiasm for her. If you figure out a good DVD player let me know....ours doesn't work right any more. I think they build everything to fall apart quickly to sell more. I guess that makes me sound like an "old person".