Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This is from a few years back, but the cold feel to the picture certainly describes the feeling of this day.

I just let Shelby out, and three of the cats went out....the wind is so strong it about took the door out of my hand. It is funny, the wind literally howls in the winter. I suppose the foliage of the trees in the summer dampens that sound. That is my reasoning at least, whether it is wrong or right I cannot say.

Now, the fourth cat is out. I hope by the time we leave to go babysit Lorelei that they are all back inside. I don't like to leave and them be out in this type of weather. But two of them have been at me for the past hour at least to let them out. The boys of course....the girls tend to wait patiently most of the time.

The coldest weather so far is supposed to be headed out way. Mama Squirrel was a real little piggy yesterday. I told Roger then I wondered if she was trying to get enough food in her to last for a few days of sleep. Looking back, I bet she knew this weather was coming. I do hope she has a nice hole she sleeps in across the street.

It is about time for my alarm to go off, so I best go shut it off. I have been so off schedule with my sleep, I thought I best set it to be sure I am up early this morn. I hate it when I sleep half the day away....the rest just seems so short and I feel so far behind.


Neal said...

Brrrr......That does look cold!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neal is right, Rose... Brrrrrrr.... We have lots of wind today also--and huge rains and thunderstorms last night.

Have funny with your sweetie today. Take lots of pictures.

don said...

This is a very cold looking picture...and one that fits these cold days. We've had wind, but now it's just cold. 12° this morning.

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot all about Mama Squirrel, any new pics of her lately?

Carletta said...

As I sit and look at your lovely snowy picture it is in the high
40's here with wind gusts up to 37mph and getting stronger. We just a little hail and the forecast for tomorrow is in the 20's! Winter is here. :)

Mary said...

We've got the same awful cold weather here...brrrrrr. I just want to wrap up in several quilts and hibernate. I sure don't want to get outside.

Caron said...

It is so cold, I can hardly stand it.