Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A little drive

Yesterday Sarah and Lorelei were coming over, but the visit was cancelled. So, Roger had to go pick up a prescription. I put on my winter boots and old work is a generic Carhartt...grabbed camera bag and went with him. I even went in with him to pick up the prescription...pretty sight that I was.

You have to understand that my coat is stained from work, and the pockets are crammed full of stuff. Who keeps me warm and if something happens to it it is not hard to replace. My good coat, I very seldom wear. For one thing I very seldom wear a real coat, I much prefer a jacket. I searched for ages for that 'good' coat, only leave it in the closet. But I have it if I actually need it.
I had just planned to go through the strip pits to check on the wildlife. I will report on that another day. I didn't get a single good shot of anything there, so we headed up the highway. Betsy had told me to take pictures of the snow. When I had went to bed the night before there was at least an inch on everything, but by the time I got up the wind had blown it every which way and there appeared to be just a skim.
However, Roger spotted the view in the top picture....I like it. And the bottom shows how the snow was being blown about. I think either photo is better appreciated if enlarged.

It is still cold this morn, but supposed to make it into the thirties before he day is over. I will believe it when I see it. The boys just went outside....I cannot believe they have not wanted back in. Last night Bubbie would want outside and be wanting back inside in about 10 minutes. Mama Cat does not even want outside any more. She finally got brave and went outside a bit Sunday, for the first time in ages.

During the last cold spell, she started out trying to go out only to turn around and rush back inside before the door was closed. She finally gave up trying and would turn around and run if she was looking out the storm door and one of us opened it. It was as if she thought we would force her to go. She is only 3 or 4 years old and seems like such an old cat.

Right now I am going to post this, and head over to my other blog. I have to decide what to post there.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks Rose... Pretty pictures---both of them. We had fllurries ALL day yesterday--but no accumulation. BUT--we're supposed to get snow on Friday... I hope we do--but won't get excited 'til it actually gets here. ha ha

Have a great day. I have an old jacket I have had for umpteen years also--which I love. The new jackets just stay in the closet.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Ooooh, very very pretty!!!

I love the top one, and the bottom one shows just what it was like here last night!!!!

don said...

A very interesting account of your day. I like both the for the fine composition and interesting subject matter, the other for the wind-swept feel it has. People who don't have wind with snow, don't usually understand how the wind can make a field bare of snow and fill up the ditches and roads! :-)

Carletta said...

Roger noticed a beautiful winter scene. I like the fence post and the fact that you can only see the top of the old barn. He has a good eye. :)

Jacob said...

I enjoyed the running commentary on your day! And Roger did good! These are both very nice shots, and in the second one I can feel that wind blowing the snow around - brrrr!

George said...

I really like the scene Roger pointed out. We may actually get some snow down here tomorrow and Saturday. I guess I'll just have to take the snow, since the alternative seems to be ice.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

We were supposed to get a thaw here but the temperatures nly went a couple of degrees above freezing and then plummeted into a deep freeze. Hmmm. At least we didn't get any mud. I'm hoping to find some great ice photos but nowhere I've been lately has made me fee inspired to take photos!

The Tile Lady said...

Lovely snow photos! The first is so picturesque, but I like the second for the "action." :-) We have snow right now--will be posting some pics soon.