Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time slipping away

It feels like forever since I blogged any, when in fact it just now verging on a week. My older daughter's belongings are now here, she is now in Georgia and has done started her training. And I have been sick. Again. I am not going into details, but will just say there were a couple days that I was pretty miserable. I am pretty much back to normal, and I think a big part of that is due to our activities yesterday.

After breakfast, sometime up in the morn we headed out with camera and fishing equipment. We wanted to see Lorelei since we had not seen her since Tuesday so headed to Terre Haute first. We had not been there but a few minutes till she left and went in the other room, and here she came back dragging her jacket behind her! Roger was sitting in the floor, so she gave it to him and stuck her arm out for him to put it on.

He tried to distract her, but she was not having it. So, we put her jacket on and took her outside thinking that she just wanted to be outside...she went to our Rav4. We did distract her from that...not sure how she would have done had we brought her home. And I still was not totally back to normal, so didn't know how well I would keep up with her. But we really think she wanted us to bring her here. She is such a bright little girl!

We stayed and visited an hour or two, and headed out for a drive...taking roads we had never taken before with the ultimate destination nearby Parke County. We first stopped at Bridgeton to fish below the dam...I only caught a couple there and Roger not many more than that.

We left there and headed to Mansfield, which is just a few minutes away. The picture above is of the dam...and that is where I really began to feel like myself again. We each caught fish--so many we didn't attempt to keep count. It was a catch and release day for us...neither one of us felt like cleaning fish at the end of the day.

But there is just something about fishing that does me a world of good. I think it is because I focus on fishing only, on what lure to try next, or where I want to cast. I can have the worst headache in the world and if I can go fishing for an hour or two it will be gone. I came home yesterday feeling like a new woman...well, almost new! I was plenty tired, but at least I had been doing something.


Carletta said...

Lovely scene Rose - tranquil and serene - perfect for a lazy day.
Hope you're feeling better by now. I got sick at Cindy's and it took a while to get back to normal. I guess it's this old age thing and not recovering as quickly as when I was young.

Jacob said...

Glad that you're feeling better now. I agree that fishing can be therapeutic. And your photo would indicate this is a nice place to drop in a line!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh that's pretty! I wanna go fishin there, myself. I'm so sorry you've been sick - glad you're gettin back to normal now

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Rose, I was beginning to worry about you... I thought that you might be helping your daughter.. I never dreamed that you were sick. I'm so very sorry. Glad you are better now--and glad you got to see Bright Eyes and then go fishing. Life is good!!!! Right????

Lorelei is just very very smart, isn't she??? I don't blame her for wanting to go home with Mamaw and Papaw.


don said...

I'm glad you a getting past this sick period. The dam and river look very appealing. I think it's neat that you and Roger explore new roads and places.

George said...

I think fishing in such a beautiful spot would help anyone feel better.

T said...

glad to hear you are starting to feel better. I get it about the blogging - I've been so dang busy that I just haven't had the energy to blog.

EG Wow said...

I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well, Rose! I'm so glad the fishing made you feel better.

Isn't Lorelei something? She sure does know how to tell you what she wants!

A piece of news said...

How rejuvenating for you. I'm glad you feel better and got to see your grandbaby. I'm pretty tired and that photo makes me feel almost serene. I'm so glad you have so much loveliness to soak up, Rose.

Mary said...

I hope you feel better Rose. Lorelei brings you all so much joy :-)