Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hard work

Every where we went, we seen the familiar scene of hay bales and men hard at work. It is one hot and sweaty job, if you don't believe me ask my brother Neal. I would like to know how many bales of hay he and my other brothers handled in their lifetime. It would be way up in the thousands. They traded their muscle power for the use of of equipment....most of the time with either of one or two friends/neighbors.
I am having major issues with blogger/commenting. There are three comments that I have checked to publish, blogger says they are published, and they will be there for just a short while, only for me to go back in just a bit and they are not longer there. I go back to comment moderation, and there they are again. I have went through this over and over, I don't know how many times. I don't know if it is cause I have the moderation on without word verification, or what. And there is a comment from George....I got the notice in my email, but it does not show at all in comment moderation section as waiting to be moderated. I get an error code with it. I have filed a report, but still no help. So, I once again changed my settings...comment moderation is still on, but only on older posts. So, if spam appears, I will eventually see it and remove it.


Small City Scenes said...

I am having the same problem and am finding others are too. I hope this appears sometime.
We need hay--we got horses and goats.
My late husband did a lot of haying in the neighboring areas out here. MB

EG Wow said...

I'm having major issues with Blogger today too!

I haven't seen a horse-drawn hay wagon in a long, long time. I LOVE this photo!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Rose, I have a feeling that Neal doesn't want to see another hay bale in his life!!!!! ha ha... That is hard and sweaty work. And this summer, with out horribly hot and dry weather --I'm sure that working outdoors is even harder.

We are also very dry. George and I had to get out early this morning and water the yard/flowers/plants, etc. It was already hot at 6:30... Gads!!!!!

Sorry about your problem. Blogger had a problem this morning --and I think there's still a problem for those who use comment moderation. I use comment moderation on anything older than 2 days. I think I have lost some comments also on those older posts.

BUT--this is not just YOUR problem. It seems to be across the board at Blogger right now. Hope they get it fixed soon.


Jacob said...

Blogger seems to be working OK now. Hope it stays that way!

This photo brings back some memories...one summer as a teenager, I worked on a farm in California and rode the back end of a hay baler...it was awful work - hay and dirty!

Anonymous said...

A horse-drawn hay wagon; how cool is that!

Carletta said...

Is this at an Amish farm Rose?
My brother and his friends put up hay too. It was how they made spending money. He wouldn't want to do it today and neither of his sons has ever done it.

I think blogger is just messed up. It isn't counting all my comments.

Mary said...

That hay wagon brings back good memories. In the summer when we visited my grandmother's farm, I was always happy if they were haying. We could ride on the hay wagon and as they stacked the bales, keep climbing higher up until we were sitting on top. I was too small to help pull them from the baler :-) I had never seen round hay bales until I came down here to southern Indiana. I had some problems with comments yesterday, too, but it seems cleared up today.

George said...

I may not have handled as many bales of hay as Neal has, but I have handled my share, although never behind a team of horses. Dad also traded muscle power for equipment. That was just the way it was done on family farms back then.

Gill - That British Woman said...

it's been a heck of a week with Blogger, I too was having problems......

Gill in Canada