Monday, December 13, 2010

From the hills and hollers of Tennessee

I got this in my email yesterday from my niece, is looking up towards the holler that was our old home place. I think she knows I long to be in Tennessee one more time when it snows. There is just something about looking out and seeing snow on the hills and the misty look of the mountains. It is of these days maybe things will settle down till we can head down that way when we know they are expecting snow.
Now, Holly is Jackson's mama....and Holly's mom told me that Holly had taken a photo of Jackson and he reminded both of them of was hard to imagine but being that Holly's mom and I agree about a lot of stuff, I sort of figured if they saw it I would too so I told her to have Holly send it to me and she did a few days now I am showing it to you along with one of Lorelei when she was younger.
I think it is the way they hold their mouth and also their eyes when they are really they are all squinty.

And that is not the only way they are similar....Jackson loves to dance, also. But he is a toe tapper where Lorelei is a butt wiggler, head bobber. Can you just picture the two of them together!
We got another dusting of snow yesterday...maybe an inch or so. But the wind has blown it around so much it is hard to tell. We had our first howling wind last night of the winter. It was searching for any little crack or crevice to get in. Our swing on our back porch is a glider swing...made of wood. So, in weight, it is not real light. It normally sits with the ends going east and west. I heard it being scooted around by the wind last night, and when I went to let the cats out, the ends are now pointed in the north-south direction.

The cats are getting cabin fever....they want out but only stay out a minute or two and come back in. Last night they were trying to start the game of tag, or something and racing through the house after each other...Roger was laying on the couch and Cougar came tearing through, jumped over the end that his head was on, and landed right on his solar plexus and made him about jump out of his skin!

Even Mama Cat was swatting everyone and trying to get them to play chase with her. If Lorelei had been here she would have had a ball watching them. She just giggles and laughs so hard when Otto and their cat chase each other.
As you can tell, they are absolutely the best of buddies. When we were over there just a month or so ago, we were outside. Sarah, Roger and I ended up setting in the swing...along with Lorelei. And on top of all of us, here came Otto and got up with us. It would have made the most perfect picture, but we could not have got up to get the camera without them moving.

It was so funny, Otto was sitting there between Lorelei and me. Her mom was on the other side of her. I looked down at Lorelei and she looked at Otto and scooted over as close to him as she could get. I would love to have captured that moment in time.


don said...

A fine post of Holly's pictures. These two kids could be brother and sister. Nice account of the snow and the impact on kitty life around your house. The price of being a photographer is to NOT be in many pictures. I felt for you sitting there wishing you had a picture, but couldn't get up to get a camera without ruining the moment.

George said...

We got snow, wind and cold here on the Plateau. I'm ready for Spring.
Lorelei and Jackson certainly look related. They are both cute.

Carletta said...

We got about two inches of snow last night and howling wind today. It's around 19 degrees.
I can see the resemblance between the two - both happy babies too.
Lorelei looks content watching something. Reminds me of Lily when her favorite shows are on.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---Jackson and Lorelei DO look alike... How special is that!!!!!!

I know you miss your Tennessee, Rose. But tonight --we're going to go down to about ZERO--with windchills below that... We also have about 6 inches of snow on the ground.. Brrrrrr..

Great picture of Lorelei and Otto.. She's growing so fast.

Jacob said...

You often talk about Tennessee with real longing and I recall a photo or two of the area in which you grew place like home...

I'm going to give you a link to a poem I wrote about going home again; I think you'll enjoy it.

And yes, the two kids do look a lot alike. The saga of the cats is just plain funny.

Naquillity said...

Jackson & Lorelei do look alike. very much so. i've not lived in Tennessee but have lived in the mountains and know exactly what you're saying about missing them. and the snow can be a beautiful sight on them, can't it? hope you get to return one day during snow times. sounds like you had some lively cats. good to hear they were enjoying themselves. hope all is well. have a great day.

EG Wow said...

Both Jackson and Lorelei look like such happy kids. What a blessing!

I enjoy seeing the photos of Lorelei and Otto together. :)

Mary said...

The kids do look a lot alike in these photos. Lorelei is just so cute in whatever she does.