Monday, March 26, 2012

On the way home+ Lorelei comments

Friday we went and picked up Lorelei...when we left home it was sunny skies.
when we headed home it started to get darker and darker... nearer home this is how the sky looked...

And then we got some wind and rain...but nothing too bad. But I will tell you this...the above photos do not do it justice. I wish I had had a wide angle lens, but all I had was the little point&shoot.

We did not stop at all though I would have loved to before it started to rain.
Now to the fun part of this post...and I doubt if I can remember all Lorelei said that got our attention. The first thing, when we got over there to get her, she wanted me to go play with her. And she wanted me to help her get one of her dress up outfits on. Something was said about kings....I said I thought women and girls were queens and princesses.

Lorelei's response, "Yes, We are."

Well, all the time I am talking to her as she is dancing around, Roger and Sarah are looking at some knive she had and Roger is telling her something about them...Lorelei is still just dancing around. None of us had the slightest clue she was paying any attention to them.

Lorelei says, "Papaw really likes knives." Out of the mouths of babes....
The first night she was here...oh, you would have had to be here and be me to fully appreciate. We went to bed--she and I sleep in the spare bed. I read her a couple stories and turn off the light. And then if I told one story, I told ten. And I am NOT a good storyteller. But she doesn't realize that. Good thing.

All the time she is wiggling--kicking a foot, moving an arm. Anything to stay awake. And during the time of it we heard what sounded like a minor crash in the kitchen/bath area and she is asking what it was. I am trying to just shrug it off, till she will forget about it but in the back of my mind I am wondering what in the world the cats have found to get into now.

So, she continues jabbering...probably for half an hour after mind you, that we have been in bed for an hour and a half....after another half hour passed, she says, "Mamaw--I have to go to the potty." So out of bed we get...turn the bathroom light on and her potty training seat is no longer on the potty. Take the time to go look at is important to look at the above link for the understanding of the rest of the story.

I look beside the potty, I look in the tub...wondering if Roger has moved it. About that time he emerges and starts talking about the noise and that he never could figure out what made it. It hits got to understand our Bubbie cat is a big boy...and not only do dogs drink from toilets, so does Bubbie cat.

So I tell him the I am looking for Lorelei's potty seat, and I start telling him I bet Bubbie tried to get a drink from the potty and got stuck in it...he tells me he was sitting there in the living room and a cat came flying through and was just a blur it was moving so fast...

Lorelei was just standing there listening...she started laughing so hard...I so wish I had taken the time to get the little camera to record her laugh...she laughed till she cried...or as she says, her eyes leaked. She would start to quiet down then she would look at me and say something about Bubbie in her potty seat and start laughing all over again. It is such a deep belly is just contagious.

So that was the first night...hard to get her to sleep, but once she asleep, don't get up till 8:30 the next morning. We were busy all day Saturday....she blew bubbles, chased butterflies, played hopscotch, went to the park...just non stop action all day. She would barely take the time to eat. Then when night came, the last thing we did was watch The Fox and the Hound....she brushed her teeth and we went to bed.

She asked me something, and I tried to answer it. She says, "mamaw, stop talking now--I am tired." And was asleep in about 2 or 3 minutes.

BUT, she woke up about 4:30....her nose was stuffy, her eyes were bothering her...I think it is the matter that gets in the corners...I gave her benedryl and took a warm wet washrag and washed her face and let her hold it against her closed eyes..and she made a true effort to go back to sleep....she lay there and had me rub her back...for several minutes. I thought we had it made, and she sat up and started crying...said she wanted to go to her home now...she wanted to see her Mommy and her Daddy.

So we were up and on the road by about 5:45...we did just got to the edge of town and she was asleep, but we went ahead and went on. About half way there Roger stopped to get a coffee...while he was inside she woke up and started crying again...saying, "I want to go to my house." I thought for a minute she was really going to get wound up but she calmed down and went back to sleep...

Now when we got there, I got her out...and she latched herself to me and told me she wanted me to stay and play with her at her house.

I know I am forgetting things but these were the highlights that I keep thinking of over and over. And last night, she had her mom lay down with her in her bed...I don't know how long Sarah laid there, but she told her it was time for her to leave...she was tired.

In case you are wondering, not a single picture was taken while she was here...she keeps me so busy I don't even think about getting the camera out when it is just her here.


Sandra said...

that second photo is a little scary looking, like a mini tornado. I have tried snapping stormy skies and you are right, it can't do justice to what we see.
just like you can't do complete justice to your fun time with Lo.
i can tell by your story you all had blast and enjoyed each other, and I would be wiped out and need several naps after all that "fun"

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your g'daughter! The things they say and do are just so funny sometimes. I loved the "stop talking now, I'm tired"!
Your second photo looks a little scary to me, it looks like a tornado could have come out of that storm. Great shots!

Ginny said...

I'm sorry the stay ended like it did and she got sick. But you had such fun as well!!! I hope she is doing alright now. There is nothing like home when you aren't well. The potty seat and cat story is hilarious!!! Whenever you have Lorelei, you need to keep a small camera around your neck! These first pictures are horrifying, it looks like a tornado could start! I would have been terrified. But of course you can't show it and have to keep calm with the little ones there. What is that grey goose below?? I just saw a few and don't know what they are. I'm going to Google greylag geese.

Montanagirl said...

Love those stormy sky photos. I have always liked that. That little girl sounds like a "mini-tornado". !! LOL

Ellie said...

That sure is an angry sky.
It sounds like you had a good weekend with Lorelei until the last night when she wasn't happy. I hope she was alright and felt better soon.
She is a right wee character though isn't she.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

So sorry that things ended that way for you, Rose... I'm sure it was a hard night...So sorry that you had to take her home. As she gets older, it will be easier for her to spend the night away from her Mommy and Daddy...

Sorry, Rose.

Genie said...

Wonderful story you shared with all of us. When the little ones want their mommies and daddies they mean business. Thank heaven my little Eloise is turning 7 next week and can come to visit with no tears. We call it Camp Baga...that is my nickname the first grandchild (21) came up with. I really do like the way you took us through the progression of the weather in your pictures. It makes it all so much more interesting. The barn looks so white against that sky. Thanks for your visit to my blog and your kind words. Hope you have a nice rest of the week. genie

don said...

A fascinating account of her visit. There is never a dull moment when she's awake. I think it's so funny how she responds to the search for the potty seat! Very Nice and interesting post.

Marie said...

Poor baby wasn't feeling well and wanted to go home. They are such a joy, but so exhausting too as we are now older, but we love every minute of it, for sure! That was really funny about the cat in the potty seat!

Mary said...

I love the cat and the potty seat story :-) So funny! Don't blame Lorelei for laughing. We used to have a cat that drank out of the toilet, but the ones we have now are either two fat or two lazy.

Caron said...

Our grandkids are older now and there aren't any tears, but I sure can relate. Every time you have to spend is precious no matter how it ends. :)

I love seeing rain off in the distance like that.

EG CameraGirl said...

Lorelei is growing up so quickly, it seems to me. It's wonderful that she speaks up and tells you what she wants. She's so lucky she has you and Roger for grandparents!

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