Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another week come and gone

I always love to see photos of cows under trees, but the photos I take are never great. Yet there is just something restful about them whether they are good or not. Just seeing cattle resting and chewing their cud makes everything seem right with the world.
Our little Toot stayed two nights with us, cried when we told her it was time to go home...told Papaw as he put her in her carseat that she was afraid she was going to miss her Mamaw. However, she was his constant shadow those days.

I don't have a lot to tell, but will tell this little incident. She wanted to sleep with me so I let her. Now what you don't know is a lot of us in our family like our back tickled, scratched or rubbed. Lorelei is following suit and most nights wants her back scratched a little bit before going to sleep.

The first night she wanted me to scratch her back. I told her she first had to scratch mine...just wanted to see her reaction. She says, "Mamaw, do I have too?" and I tell her yeah...and we go back and forth with it...she says, "Mamaw, I have an idea!" I asker her what it is.

Now this is not her exact words, but it was something along the lines of 'First you can scratch my back and then later you can scratch my back'....I cannot for the life of me remember her wording...but her meaning was just that...she was totally leaving out the part of her scratching my back...and she just giggled when she said it and said something along the lines of How do I like that idea? She is just too smart for words.
We are finally getting some much needed rain...has been raining steadily all morning long.


Sandra said...

so it was another fun visit, I knew it would be, and i to love seeing cows laying down or standing up or just walking around.

Anonymous said...

I like your photo of the cows through the fence. Glad you had such a sweet visit with Lorelai. Happy you are getting rain too.

Carletta said...

A cows life always looks rather easy but I always think they have a sad life.
Doesn't it break your heart when they don't want to leave?
We got some rain too which we really needed.

Mary said...

Love the peaceful looking in the heat. Lorelei is a real hoot for sure :-) And she has you wrapped around her little finger very tightly. I had a sister who liked her back and feet tickled. We shared a room, so sometimes when we couldn't get to sleep right away, she wanted her feet tickled. I never could understand why she enjoyed it.

don said...

Nice cow shot. That Lorelei is a smart little girl. It was so funny how she turned things around to her liking.

Ellie said...

Rose, someone once told me that when cows are lying down it means it is going to rain. Whether that is true or not I don't know - just thought I would share it with you :)
My Emma, when she was wee, used to love getting her back tickled. Everytime she sat next to me she used to say tickly my back mummy.
Your Lorelei is smart beyond her years :))

Montanagirl said...

I think Lorelei is a clever little girl. She'll go far in this world!

EG CameraGirl said...

She sure is a smart one, little Lorelei! She sure knows how to make her Mawmaw smile.