Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Do you have a ritual...

I don't know that Roger and I have a real set ritual when it is just us...we usually get up and Roger turns the coffee on.  Coffee making is his department.  I don't know how or why it turned out that way, but he makes it 99% of the time.  Sometimes we are both hungry and want breakfast right away, other times we want to be up a while.

But the summer ritual that doesn't change is when Lorelei is here.  She gets up and gives us hugs, and maybe pets the cats a minute...maybe not.  Then, she gets her shoes on and we all go see the flowers.  It is like a whole new world every morning.  She sees each flower and checks for insects, and then maybe has to water some of them.  But the part that doesn't change is she wants to go see them.  I don't know what we will do when it is cold outside and no flowers to look at.  I guess we will concentrate on the birds.

Anyway, I figure all of us have something that is a ritual...and some more than others.  What is the one thing you do every morning/day?
I have to tell one fresh story on her, though there are two or three that are highly entertaining.  Just hard to put them in words.  This one I did not witness, but can sure imagine.

The other day Sarah had been out...I don't know if she had actually been gone or was just outside and came in just in time to hear Jeremy tell Lorelei she better lose the attitude.  (Yes, at four years old she has an attitude sometimes.)  Quick as a wink, Lorelei came over and said, 'Here, Mommy.'  Sarah ask what it was...Lorelei said 'my bad attitude.'  Then she had her mean face on and asked her mommy to give her something...Sarah asked her what she wanted...she said a good Sarah pretended to give her something and her face changed instantly to a big smile.


CDH said...

You could always get fake flowers and move them around the yard in the winter when Lorelei is coming! :) My morning ritual when I wake is have a cup of coffee, go outside feed the animals. Dogs, cats and baby calf. No matter what the weather. Its refreshing.

Sandra said...

that is to funny, maybe i should try that when my attitude needs changing.
our whole lives are one big ritual, for both of us.
wake up at 4
get coffee I made the night before
return to bed and get up at 5
at 5:17 we leave for the gym
back at 6:30 for breakfast.
7 outside with the dogs and a ball game
7:30 bob leaves for the park and i get on the computer.
bob home at 9:30
10 snack and out with dogs
12 lunch and out with dogs
3 dogs eat and out with dogs
5 supper
5:30 watch a movie
8 go to bed.
the only time this changes is for doc visits or if we need something from a store and we go inbetween

Anonymous said...

I wish it was that easy to change attitudes!
John almost always makes the coffee. I almost always load the dishwasher. Funny how we get in the habit of doing things!

Betsy Adams said...

Oh what a cute story... Wish we could all get rid of our bad attitudes that easily!!!!!!! ha ha ---What a precious child.

Every morning, George and I first put out the bird feeders for our little birdies. Then we get a cup of hot tea and sit down for 30 minutes for our Morning Devotionals... That routine never changes...

Then, during the summer, after our devotions, we always walk the yard --checking out the new flowers/plants.... We take our cameras and get new photos..., THEN--we come in and fix our breakfasts and of course, enjoy some coffee!!!!! That's our routine.


Ginny said...

That is a really cute story! It seems at bedtime we have so many rituals to do!!! Yikes, now that we are old, we cannot just flop into bed anymore! First we have to check the cats water, then put the throw on the couch to make their bed. tooth brushing, check the doors are locked...

Montanagirl said...

That Lorelei! Never a dull moment! The first thing I do every morning is grope my way to my Keurig and make a cup of flavored coffee. When husband appears, I start the Bunn, and we have a couple cups of regular coffee, then breakfast.

don said...

I get up at 4:15, clean up and head to coffee! Nice flower shot and even better account of Lorelei.

Small City Scenes said...

What a wonderful Lorelei story. I can just see it now.
I get up first--make coffee for Bob, check on the dog, turn on the computer and then like Lorelei I have to go outside and check on all my flowers. Some are ready to bloom and I have to see what stage they are in. It goes on and on and then it is night time. Whew what a day. MB

Mary said...

Love the Lorelei story :-) If only we could all change our attitude that easily.

We have lots of routines. I think as we get older that happens more. First thing I do when I get up is feed the cats, then fill all the bird feeders and turn on the computer, and drink my orange juice and take pills. Mike is the breakfast cook at our house, if we are having a cooked breakfast of some sort....bacon and eggs, or homemade scones, or anything other then cereal...he makes it. If it is a cereal day, I get my own :-) I eat mine in front of the computer usually. Then if I have checked my email or done whatever I needed on the computer, I sit down with my hot tea and do my Bible study and read the paper. I've gotten where I really like a slow start to the day. I don't get dressed until I am ready to go out and do something.

Dee said...

Lorelei is a joy and very witty. I suppose my ritual is my morning prayer time at the park.