Thursday, August 8, 2013

Quilt backing--NOT

If you go to this post and scroll to the bottom, you will see where I had started this.  I had started it to use as a backing for a smaller version of the Crumbs in the Corner quilt.  I like having pieced backs...just to be different.  I don't usually go this wild though.  It measures 63½ by 67½ inches.

Well, I was showing it to Sarah while she was here, and she likes it...I started to say loves but not sure she loved it.  I think she found it interesting more than anything.  So, I am going to designate it as a quilt top rather than quilt backing.  Now I have to come up with two backings and two battings.   And honestly, I am trying to decide if I should make this bigger.
The girls went home this afternoon....I did not take any more pics.  Just sometimes hard to find the time and free hands to do it.  She didn't want to leave us, but she had friends coming to her house this evening so she didn't hate going home.

Not long after they left, the rain started.  It just totally poured down for a while, almost stopped, then started in again with a pretty heavy rain.  Puddles are standing every where.  The birds are just drenched.  When the blue jays come, you cannot see any blue color at all.  The cardinals are still red, though.  One thing for sure...not a single bird seems to be minding the rain. 

They remind me of the girls when they were young.  In fact, the other night Lorelei ran a big puddle of water and looked at her mom and ask could she jump in it...her mom told her to go ahead.  She jumped in it, through it, out of it, back in it...till she was totally drenched.  And that, too, remind me of the girls when they were young.

When it poured down enough to leave puddles, soon as the rain stopped, out they would go....they would get their bikes and take off.  Riding through every mud puddle they could....sometimes peddling all the way through....sometimes lifting their feet and coasting through.  Wheeeee!!!! What fun. 

And off down to that road by the railroad.  And I might add a dirty old road.  They would come home with black splashes up their backs....dirty from head to toe.  But what fun that was.

What is more, they would probably both be willing to do that today!  There is nothing like playing in the rain. 


Sandra said...

i loved playing in the rain and have stomped through many puddles.. glad L got to jump in and out and was allowed to enjoy life. dirt is good sometimes.

Quiltedtime said...

I think your quilt back should be a quilt top as well. It is lovely!

Deb said...

Yep, playing in the rain is fun!
I really like your quilt back - which is now a top. I don't think you should make it any larger, maybe just bind it using the dark purple that's already in the quilt. Well, that's my 2 cents anyway.

CDH said...

I love playing in the rain! Especially warm summer rain. And it smells so fresh! Still play in the rain - even if I don't want to! HA! Love the bold colors of your quilt.

Leave It To Davis said...

Well, Amen to that!!! I always loved to go barefoot in the gutter with an umbrella while it was raining. My mom would tell me I couldn't go out, but my dad would tell me I could. Guess who I listened to. :)

Love your quilt backing turned top! I say make it bigger....big enough for a queen size bed....then ask me for my address. I'll be glad to send you postage and whatever price you ask. :)

I know you will miss Lorilie. Isn't it too bad we don't live close so my granddaughters and yours could play together while you taught me how to quilt? :) That would be soooo nice!

Ginny said...

I am glad you are making this the front, because it is way too pretty to be the back. I also love that you used to let your kids get dirty and have fun!!!

EG CameraGirl said...

I agree with your daughter that the pieced back makes an interesting quilt on its own.

Puddles! How lucky Lorelei is to be allowed to play in them!

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Your so right! There is nothing like playing in the rain and the puddles. I have fond memories of me and my brother playing in the rain. We had those nice yellow rain coats and hats. The ones with the cool snap things on them. What fun!

Love your quilt top. I would be tempted to make it bigger myself and then just use it on the bed. I love quilts like that. They are done from imagination and not a pattern.

Montanagirl said...

When my brother and I were really little (like maybe 1 and 2, we would sit in the big puddles and play after a rain.

Mary said...

I think that will make a lovely quilt top. Very interesting, indeed. accomplished getting a quilt top and didn't even know it :-) What a bonus! If you decide to make it you have any stray blocks from the other quilt you could add to it? They would probably fit right in with this larger "crumb" look. I don't think we were really allowed to play in the rain when we were little, but I'm sure I would have enjoyed it. I'm glad you let Lorelei have that fun.

Small City Scenes said...

Oh boy that does sound like fun----even now! I always wanted to have a bike when I was a kid---but I guess I had other things. MB

DeniseinVA said...

I agree about playing in the rain. We got caught in a torrential Virginia downpour today and got soaked. So much fun running to the car, like kids again. Your time was very special, loved the quilt also.