Thursday, February 19, 2015

More birds and the Friday 5--

I thought before I got into the Willy Nilly Friday 5 that I would post these bird shots...showing Mrs. Cardinal and friends to begin with.
I don't remember if this is two different females or if it is the same one...this shot is very grainy, but I still like it.

Are just a couple more shots of part of the masses that visited yesterday.
It sure has been a busy place out was cowbird day.  I did not take pictures, but I know there was at least 50, if not 75 down there at one time.

Now it is time for Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday 5   This is going to be really random...have not given it any thought again.  Other than a couple things.

1. When we come home and it is night time, I always like peeping in lit windows as we pass.  Will anyone else admit to doing this or am I the only one?  I don't know why the night time makes me think about this more...but when I see the lit windows, I wonder do happy people live there, or are they going through heartaches and sicknesses.  Are they an older couple or are they young and just beginning life.  Just a million questions go through my mind, but the funny thing is, it leaves me feeling sort of sad.

2.  This also leads me to thinking about all the living that goes on around us...just in our neighborhood even.  And we know nothing about it.  When we were younger, we knew our neighbors better, knew what was happening, what their worries were...what was good.  

3.  I had Walk On by U2 in my head forever just a bit back...was there in my mind well over a week.  I had just stopped having it go round in my head and I saw this post by Lavender Dreams.  One of her last lines in the post is Walk on!  I am afraid it will get stuck again if I don't find something to replace it. It belongs to that list of songs I call Orchard Songs...songs I probably listened to a ga-zillion times when working at the orchard.

4.  Maybe I will replace it with
Good to Be Home by The Everybodyfields.  It is my all time favorite song...I know I have said it before but hoping someone new will see this.

 This video was made by my brother with pictures from in and around much of the area you see in this video was my playground when I was a kid.  When I came Indiana, I think one of the very hardest things about it was not having the freedom to roam that I did there.

5.  Roger has a test at the hospital tomorrow.  We have to be there at 8:30...say a prayer for all things to be okay.

It will probably be tomorrow evening before I get to visit...

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Gill - That British Woman said...

Saying a prayer for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for you and Roger, and that everything with his test will be okay.

Such pretty birds at your feeders! I love all those little finches and always happy to see a Cardinal.

I sure enjoyed the video your brother made. Tennessee is one of our favorite places to visit. :-)

Stay warm!


Ginny said...

Your brother is a very talented movie maker! And I love the song! I remember the first Walk On, and really like U2's remake! Goldfinches! All puffed up in the cold. I hope Roger is alright, please let us know.

DeniseinVA said...

5) First of all dear Rose, you have my prayers for Roger's test tomorrow. You'll also be in my thoughts at exactly 8.30.

4) Another beautiful song and your brother's video is awesome, gorgeous scenery.

3) U2 put out some great songs. I'll check out Lavender Dreams.

2) I live in a very quiet neighborhood and know very little of their lives. People seem to prefer it that way so when I see them I smile and wave and ask them how they are, but miss my old neighborhood where we used to visit every now and again and have a cup of coffee. It was easier back then, our kids used to play together. It's just not that kind of a neighborhood here.

1) Ah well now, I do take a peek when I walk by, especially if the lights are on and the curtains are not drawn. I figured they don't mind people looking in if they keep their curtains open.

Great post Rose and I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Mascha said...

Lovely bird series, enjoy me in the morning!
And a great landscape and places in the video, I think, tha's are very especially and nice memories... and a paradise-playground in the childhood (I was always in the forest too)

Oh yes, I do that too often, look into lighted window and thinking what are people there ... It makes me sad too often that I - as an autistic woman - can not find contacts to other peoples, because I'm real absolutely no misanthrope, but compassionate and warm. But I often do not understand the way how to deal with others and how they evaluate me and why they do it ...
Coincidentally today I wrote about neighborhood and like simple it is to deal with cats...
My prayer for today and best wishes

EG CameraGirl said...

Oh, I do pray that Roger has good test results, Rose!

I guess the birds are arriving in huge flocks at your place. I cannot imagine 75 all at one time!

Tanya Breese said...

sending my prayers for good test results...i enjoyed the video, thank you...cute little visitors you had...speaking of looking into windows, i do too at night...for some reason they seem so inviting and i imagine everyone tucked inside...but last night i took ozzy out and heard screaming from the neighbors house. a woman was screaming "let me out" "open the door" over and over and very loud banging...i came inside and called 911 then my older son and i went outside to wait for the police to show up. about 3 cars drove up and were there for a while..we came back inside and watched through the windows and could see people passing by them until finally the police all left...i don't know what happened but i was scared for the woman. thank you for linking and have a great weekend!!

Sandra said...

your birds are so happy to find a buffet just for them in this crazy cold whacked out weather. so cute. and yes, i look in windows, when walking or riding. that is why at dark i close my blinds because people will be looking in.. i look at what shows, TV stereo, furniture, all kinds of things and think, not good to show this world what you own, it might be gone when you come home.
i have not heard either of these songs. i do get songs hung in my head and use another to change the loop

Tom said...

Man those birds look cold. Tom The Backroads Traveller

Judy said...

I do hope Rogers test goes well, I'll keep him in my prayers.

Carletta said...

I look in windows at night too and like Sandra I figure they don't mind too much if the curtains or blinds are open. My mouth dropped when you said it left you feeling sad. I feel that way too. Sometimes it's because we are traveling and not home at other times I think it's because it's the end of the day and you just want to be home too in your own house.