Friday, May 1, 2015

Why blog?

Fabric I purchased at The Busy Bees Quilt shop in Linton.

The other day I read this post over at That British Woman's blog...and I thought it was a good topic.  I would love to hear everyone's reason for blogging. Or write your own post about it.

My first post was May 30, 2007... I started out to encourage myself to take more pictures to post, and also do more quilting to have to share on here.  Hence the name Pics & Pieces.  Photography and Quilting.  My mom and her friends called it quilt piecing...I don't hear that term any more.  If anyone says it, it is me.

I also started it to have a record of my days...though I don't share everything on here.  I wish I had the nerve to share more.  Though I guess I share enough...maybe more than people want to hear when everyone is getting sick.

I found people I love to visit...and when I have been away from blogging for a bit, I usually go back and see what they have posted in my absence. One or two blogs I have went back and looked at ALL their posts.  And there are more that I would love to do that with, but just don't have the time.

I just simply love seeing everyone's world...there are blogs I visit for their photos.  There are blogs I visit to read.  Some blogs I would visit whether they have a photo or is the reading material I go for though I do enjoy their photos--they are so interesting to me I would visit photos or not.  Some I go to for the reading, and the photos.  I would visit whether it was one or the other cause their photos are interesting without the stories behind them. And the words would stand alone, too.

There are one or two that provide comedy relief...

I also have a long list of quilty blogs I visit...two or three I visit almost daily to see if they have posted, but I do have a separate folder of quilt blogs I visit maybe once a month...and I just go back through till I come to a the blog post I seen last.  I seldom comment on these blogs...not even sure why.  I will come nearer commenting if they don't have many comments.
I not forget my granddaughter...her mom and I and Papaw love to click on the label Lorelei Rose and then just sit and go back through time and see how she has changed. We don't do it every week, maybe not every month...but we do do it now and again and enjoy it.  Sometimes we go back and just watch the videos.

There are more reasons I blog, but right now these are the ones prominent in my mind.


Ginny said...

Those fabrics are beautiful! Well, come to think of it, I don't know why I started a blog! It was very impulsive! One day I just thought that I would like to start a blog, and I did, right away!

Montanagirl said...

I started blogging to see what people had similar interests, and to hear their stories, and enjoy their photos - And I love to share my photos as well, and the stories behind them.

CountryMum said...

I started blogging as a personal challenge to record a daily photo for a year of our farm. I seriously didn't think I would see out a month, let alone a year. But here I am two & half years down the track and still posting a daily photo from our farm.

I love blogging. I love seeing & reading what is happening elsewhere around the world. The friendships that develops between bloggers is akin to pen pals of the past.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, your Lorelei Rose is just adorable..I started blogging just to record the birds I was seeing.. I love nature and being outdoors. So, it was easy to share my days trips or birding outings..It is also nice to have these memories to look back on for hubby and I and for you seeing Lorelei Rose growing up.
Have a happy weekend!

EG CameraGirl said...

All great reasons to blog. Rose!

It's super that you've posted so many photos of Lorelei over the years so that you can look back whenever you want to. I have lost a few photos forever - I dropped a Seagate external drive a couple of yeas ago and just a short while ago a Seagate drive got so old it just plain stopped! I now wish I had posted some of them on a blog so I would still be able to view them.

Linda Kay said...

I'm almost to my first anniversary of blogging. I tell my friends that for an hour or so in the morning, I can travel the world and see pictures and hear stories from folks who are friends I've never met. I keep thinking I need to cut back a bit to give myself more time, but not sure how I will go about that. Have a good weekend.

Sandra said...

I did go read on the other link and she had a lot to say that i agree with. i blog because i like to take photos and tell stories and because i like the relationships i have built with about 25 people...they are like extended family..

Deb said...

I like reading your blog posts Rose because it's always interesting to not only see your fabulous photos but also read the (almost) daily diary from a neighbour south of the border. Your blog is the first one I read when it appears on Bloglovin'.

I blog on my cottage journal so my family and friends in the city can see what we're up to here in paradise. My sewing blog is a live journal so I can remember items I made and the details, plus document how I'm bustin' the ever growing stash.

Gill - That British Woman said...

love the fabrics, and one of the main reasons I blog, is so I can find things when I loose them in real life!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, Love your quilting fabrics. I started blogging when I was caring for my late mom. About that time my husband became disabled and I care for him now. Blogging has allowed me to "visit" with people/places from all over without leaving home. I love my blog buddies and the friendships we have. I have enjoyed watching your joyful Lorelei grow!