Thursday, July 30, 2015

Old and rusty....

This was at the junk store...maybe antique would be a better word.  But it doesn't have the feel of an antique shop.  There is a little bit of everything there.  I got a brand new puzzle...and I must say it had the biggest variety of puzzles of any place I have ever been.
My title was going to title the post 'Old and rusty, just like me' but decided against it.  I have always changed the matter where they were.  That is if I happened to be the one that was there when they needed to be changed.  And it has not been that long ago that I changed the light in the bathroom...I am pretty positive I have did it at least once since Christmas.

Well, the light went out, and I started to change it and I cannot do it any more.  Without a ladder anyway.  Zlways before I could just stand on the edge of the bathtub and reach up and take the cover off and do the job with no assistance.  I tell you it felt strange to not be able to reach it...maybe it is cause it was at the end of the sure left me feeling strange.

Two loads of laundry hung out to dry today--and did they ever get dry.  Seems like any time we go away for a night or two, I feel like I have a ton to do when I get back.I have more to do tomorrow.
Last night our weatherman said someone had asked him how many days the river had been above flood stage.  When he counted the was 50 days!  He did say it is supposed to go down by this weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the rusty reel mowers. Seems like pretty often now, I discover things I can no longer do!

Wishing you a nice Friday.

Jacquelineand.... said...

The last time I stood on the edge of the tub to do something, I slipped and landed a-straddle the edge. Landed so hard my teeth flew across the room! (I've had false teeth since being in an automobile accident when I was ten.)

Linda Kay said...

A new neighbor recently was mowing her lawn with one of those old push mowers. She said her lawn wasn't big enough to warrant a powered one.

Nancy Chan said...

There were days when I feel old and rusty..haha! I am also a handy person around the house. Only those things I couldn't do, I will wait for my hubby.