Thursday, March 24, 2016

Random bits

1.  What a difference just a few days can make...a week ago I had just a couple blooms, and now they are all in bloom.

2.  My lilac is starting to get buds.  I hope it don't get too cold tonight.

3.  This is a project Roger has had started for too long to mention.  So much other stuff has delayed the completion.

4.  Can someone tell me what this is.  It was a small bush.  I feel like I should know what it is but if I do I cannot think of it.  But betting it will be one of those moments where I feel real stupid.  I haven't had time to try to look it up.

5.  We saw 7 or 8 turkeys yesterday...always fun to see.

Lorelei is visiting so I may be slow visiting.

Edited to add:  I think the flowering bush/shrub is a Star Magnolia.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

My daughter had turkeys in her back yard the other day...about a dozen. I was pretty surprised because she lives in town. Granted it is on the outskirts but still in the city with close houses and busy roads.

I have daffodils blooming too. Over night, really.

Happy Easter.

Nancy Chan said...

Love to see your flowers blooming so beautifully. There are many things I too do not know of...some times I do think I am really blur ha ha. Have a beautiful weekend!

Sandra said...

Roger is soooooo talented with his knife making. he should go on the show Forged in Fire on TV.
the unknown flower is wonderful and enjoy your time with L and happy Easter

Judy said...

How nice to see flowers blooming again. I know you are a bit farther south than me and after the ice we've had I'm really yearning for spring to finally come.

Denise inVA said...

Fantastic photos and I know you had fun with Lorelei :)

Betsy Adams said...

Hello and Happy Weekend to you and Roger and Lorelei!!!!

We have lots of Daffodils blooming here now just like yours.. So beautiful.. We also have Hyacinths, a very very very few tulips so far, and of course, the Bradford Pears and Forsythias are in full color.... Oh how I love spring.

Don't know your mystery bloom --but it may be one of the many fruit trees which are so pretty this time of year.


L. D. said...

I agree with the name Star Magnolis. We have one in the school yard that is opening right now. The other kind of magnolia will not bloom for another three or four weeks.

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Not sure about the flowering bush- I have never seen one. Oh I know what you will be doing if Lorelei drops by- having FUN! Aren't grands...well,just GRAND!!

Henny Penny said...

I've never seen blooms like those. Aren't they pretty and look like they would smell sweet. They do look like some kind of Magnolia. Happy Easter!

Quiltedtime said...

It's always interesting to "follow" you around Indiana via your photos. Looks like you are having a nice spring!

Small City Scenes said...

Star Magnolia is right! I really like them and they are blooming everywhere right now. I have a Saucer Magnolia it can grow to be a big tree.
Everything seems to be blooming now or at least cracking color. Lilacs aren't as far along as yours. Funny isn't it how out here some things are blooming but not where you and the other way around too. I guess Mother Nature knows what she is doing.
Happy Easter to you guys

genie said...

No turkeys spotted here yet, don't know what the pretty flower is, and I am wondering what Roger's project really is.....I am NONONONO help to you today. So happy the offs made it thru the cold weather and are blooming in all their glory for you all. Hope you have a happy Easter. Will write tomorrow after Gene and Eloise leave. Hugs.

Breathtaking said...

Hello Rose!:) Such pretty blooms you share today, and thanks for sharing lorelei's art work, to nan. I have kept all my kids and grandkids artwork they gave me,--- am now waiting for art work from my great grand kids!!:))

J Bonafilla said...

Lovely flowers. And how amazing to have wild turkeys. I've got a small magnolia bush like that one in my back garden in England. Mine is a bit fragile and not so robust as the larger-flowered variety, but your bush seems to be flourishing. Maybe your weather is more to its liking than ours.