Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A bit of this and that...

I took this day before yesterday I believe...it had rained a bit so the wetness is natural, not created.   I just simply love this color...but then I like all clematis colors that I have seen.  It is a wonder this one survived.  A groundhog tried to dig in behind it and had a mess.  This was back when I was still hobbling around after I broke my leg.  But survive it did and I am blessed by that.


I just have to share a couple more pics from the strip pits...I post several of these clouds over on my other blog a day or two ago.  I just never tire of them.  I have  been a cloud watcher as long as I remember.

We saw this female turkey...it is the first time we have seen a turkey out there.  We have seen them not far away from the area in both directions but I was so happy to actually see one   there.

I called to get a haircut and could not get in till June 10th...there was one opening before then, but something else was happening that day and I could not go.  She said I was to come and stay in the car, and she would come and get me after she sanitized after the person before me.  And I am to wear a mask.    I have cut on my bangs twice, but I am about ready to start on the rest of it!  My hair feels like I have a wig laying up there.  Yes, I have that much hair.   And it is straight as can be.

I am taking our vehicle for an oil change and to get the tires rotated and balanced tomorrow...so I vacuumed it out an wiped down the inside.  Plus did a half job on the windows.  I could not see good enough to tell how good I was doing.  But surely They are better than they were.

And I followed that up with weeding a flower bed.  But I need to do more.  Hopefully can get more done before the week is out.

I had breakfast for supper...and have cleaned up the kitchen.

But I have not touched my fabric nor sewing machine this day...not even in passing.

It poured the rain soon as I was done for the day, and for a while the sun was shining through all the heavy rain.  It rained a good half hour, eventually was dark all over, and now I can see blue sky through the windows!

I hope everyone is having a good week. 


Laurel Wood said...

The clematis bloom is very pretty. I love the color. I love to watch the clouds too. You captured some great photos at the strip pit. Can't believe you saw a turkey there. I hope your car appt. goes smoothly and FAST!

Ruth Hiebert said...

i love that clematis bloom. The ones i used to have were all the traditional purple. You know I love that cloud shot.

Ginny Hartzler said...

The Clematis is gorgeous! the color reminds me of a garnet. Isn't that the deep red gemstone? The cloud is gorgeous!!!

Granny Marigold said...

I love watching clouds too. A blue sky is fine but some fluffy clouds make it so much more interesting. I have tried to learn all the names of the different clouds but my brain won't retain the info. So I just enjoy them nameless.

Dee said...

Oh my golly, I hear you on the haircut. I really need one, but our governor still has our part of the state almost totally locked down.

We hear things might open up a bit in a week or so, but hairdressers/barbers are still a no go.

At Home In New Zealand said...

I hope you manage to hold on until your hairdresser appointment :)
One of our favourite TV presenters had a hairdressing appointment early on the very first day they were allowed to open up again. He was asked how he managed it, when so many were wanting haircuts - he booked it last January! Apparently he books all his haircuts twelve months ahead and this one just turned out lucky.
Have a great week :) Mxx

Hill Top Post said...

The color of your clematis is, in my opinion, the prettiest of all. I also wore a mask when getting my hair cut. It seems to me that the operator didn't do so well as she usually does, so I am blaming it on the mask. I have decided not to get another haircut as long as a mask is required.

Bonnie said...

I love those clouds! So pretty. You have stayed really busy. I love breakfast for dinner. I also love to eat out and get breakfast for dinner. You take care and don't work too hard!

Debbie V. said...

Love all your pics - possibly the blue sky with clouds is my favorite - I love being able to gaze into the distance like this. The trees on top of the hill and the blue sky/white puffy clouds are peaceful.
I think I am just going to let mine grow out and wear a pony tail until we are back. That might be a while. I guess I better buy a few scrunchies.

eileeninmd said...


Your clematis bloom is pretty. Love the cloud/sky shot. I cute my hair the other night, it may be a little uneven, lol. Take care and have a great day!

Nancy Chan said...

Beautiful clematis, white cloud and blue sky. There is no green light for barber shops and hair dressing saloon to open. I cut my own fringe to prevent the hair from getting into my eyes.

Cheryl Kimbley said...

Pretty clematis. I have buds but no flowers yet. My peonies and roses just started blooming on Sunday. It seems there is always something to do around the house.
Those dang weeds wait for no one. Man, they just keep growing!
Worked outside a bit yesterday - it was hot. We didn't get rain at all yesterday, but it is raining a gentle rain right now.
Have a good day.

Sandra said...

that clematis would fit in my house perfectly. the only rooms in the house that are not full of that color are the two bathrooms. sorry you have to wait so long for the hair cut. when mine gets long like that i threaten to buy shears and put it on 1/4 inch and buzz my head. I saw a movie once that the female took scissors and cut hers to the scalp. she was gorgeous like that but i don't think it would WORK for us. i have planned every day for weeks to wash my car, it has not been washed in over a year.

nick said...

The hairdressers here in Northern Ireland are still closed and there's no reopening date as yet. My hair is getting increasingly shaggy but I don't dare to cut it myself and Jenny doesn't dare either!

Marie Smith said...

So much of your life sounds like mine right now. My hair is so long and grey, I hardly recognize myself any more. I don’t sew but did years ago. I have no desire to sew any more and I don’t know why that changed. It was never a passion for me..

happyone said...

Beautiful color of the clematis!
Quite an ordeal to get a hair cut now a days!
I'm glad I don't color my hair anymore and Ken trims my hair for me.

Jeannie said...

My advice is to get your hair cut short like I did this week. The price keeps going up and I don't want to have to go back for as long as necessary.
I also was able to go to the dentist for a cleaning and they are charging an extra $5.00 to cover the cost of the extra PPC equipment they are required to wear. Probably everyone will start doing that also.

Catherine:theMaker said...

Our own lives are a real mystery right now, even with regulations but our natural world, just keeps on keeping on...giving us a cheery flower or a turkey just wandering into your view finder, magic-eh :-)

There are lots of places in New Zealand where you just "drop in" you don't make an appointment, you take pot luck on time frame: they might say "you should be back in 30mins" or they will phone you. But if you get there just before opening time, you will probably be served right away.