Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bubbie has discovered that he CAN get on top of the fridge--and has been up there two or three times today. For what reason, I do not know. Unless it is just because he can. He is a very adventurous cat...and plays with my husband when he comes home from work. They chase each other through the house.

He and the Puss Puss still race Pops to the bedroom when he goes in there--any time he heads in there they think it is PLAYTIME--even if he is going to bed. They try to race through the door before he closes it.

Sewed a few lines on my scrap blocks, but they just do not capture my heart. And I still have come to no decisions about the baby quilts I want to make. I am trying to not dwell on it so much and hoping that it just comes to me. I really would like to mainly use fabric I have in my stash, but would not mind buying some. Something with characters I could fussy cut or else have little cheater blocks I could built around....we shall see.

I may head over to Arthur, IL to look at a couple fabric stores there in the next week or two. I love to go over there--it is Amish country.


Barb said...

I think that your cat has the best plan, out of the way and able to see everything that is going on!!

Your feelings about your scrap blocks made me smile, just last night I did a few of my scrap blocks and thought to myself, WHAT AM I DOING (?), I don't even like these! I also am trying to make a plan in my mind of a layout that might make *them* look like something LOL!! Barb

Rose said...

If you have any luck with getting enthused with the blocks, let me know! I should be working on them now, but I am not. I am playing on here instead!

Sheri said...

Bubbie is too cute.

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