Saturday, January 5, 2008

Adventures with Bubbie

More Adventures with Bubbie...

He learned to do this today. he first jumps to the top of set of shelves that my husband built for me. They are approx. 4 feet high. Then if this door is open, he jumps to the top of it and walks back and forth...and he will walk on the door casing above the door, also. This is old, old is not just straight frames around the doors. There are all these little extras. Anyway, the top part of the door casing--it has the board that is directly around the door...that lays flat to the wall. Then on top of the piece across the top, there is an additional piece that is routered....not good at explaining this. Just trying to get to the point where you can understand when I say he has a two-inch width to walk on so it is possible. But he didn't do it when I was taking these pictures.


Barb said...

Oh my !! Bubbie sure is full of adventures! Can you just imagine how he would love a tree LOL?? It is amazing what cats can get themselves into and on top of! Barb

Laurie said...

You better walk with your head UP Rose! LOL...the cat might getcha!
thanks for stopping by my blog!