Thursday, January 10, 2008

From the archives.....
I always want to know the stories these old places could tell. At one time they have made someone so they are falling down.

I don't have much to say, but thought I would post a couple more pictures from my files. Near the end of October....they were taken in nearby Parke County, Indiana. It is famous for its covered bridges, 31 of them the last I heard. Every October, starting the second Friday in October there is a Covered Bridge Festival. Crafters and vendors set up in every little town in the county....there is food galore. People come from miles and miles to visit. I think the estimate is in the millions. I know one couple that come up from Missouri every year to go...she buys a lot of her Christmas gifts then.

And all roads for miles around are lined with yard sales...if you had the time you could find almost anything you every wanted...the key word here being time. I think I like the yard sales as much as the crafter's and vendor's booths. And I for sure don't have much luck with the food, though there are a couple places I always have good luck with. It is just when I decide to try something new that I make my mistakes.

The bridge picture above is older--it is a photo scanned in. In 2005, an arsonist burned it down. The people decided to rebuilt it, and with lots of donations of time and supplies, that feat has since been accomplished.

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Nana's Quilts said...

Thank you for the note on my blog. After my big run on Thursday I haven't done much else, other than basic maintenance (did I spell that right?) We've had lots to do, but it do make life interesting.

I thought I had lost a little wall hanging I was making for crazy exchange, but located it last night so got the binding on. During my meeting today I will work on stitching the binding and it will be ready to go in the mail. As she might read it here, I can't say where it's going. I'll tell in a bit.

Love the covered bridges. I lived for a year in Brattleboro, Vt. after college. They had some and I just loved them. Took lots of photos.

Good quilting wishes.
aka Nana

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