Friday, January 11, 2008

This is a photo taken several years ago, July 1994 to be exact, so it is a scanned image. This used to be one of my favorite fishing ponds. It is huge and is the result of strip mining. The mining has been closed down for 5 or 6 years at least, the property leased to private owners, and everything is under lock and key. I cannot even get near this strip pit, and even if I could I would only cry because I absolutely loved that place. I spent a lot of happy hours there--sometimes with the family but also without. It was about 6 minutes from home, so if I had a couple hours through the day, I might go catch a mess of fish.


Laurie said...

This pic is AMAZiNG! I just love sunsets. This one is neat becaue of the sun rays out of the clouds and the reflections in the water. Thanks for sharing this one!

Barb said...

Really neat pics Rose, you sure come up with some good ones! Thanks for sharing! Barb

Salty said...

Beautiful! I always love to capture the sun's rays peaking out from behind a cloud.

It's sad you lost you fishing spot. As large as this pit apears its a shame that something was not worked out with the mining company to provide public access.

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