Monday, January 14, 2008

More from my film days--this is a robin the girls and I raised. We named it Cheep-Cheep cause every time it seen us it was hungry and started cheeping, telling us to hurry up. We do not know for sure what happened to it...we had it from much smaller than this, till not too long after this. We left for vacation and when the kid came to feed it, someone had let it out of it's cage. It may have survived on its own...just don't know for sure.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Hello Rose
Thank you for your visit and comment about our UK robin... I will be back here tomorrow, I want to spend somemore time looking around.. I notice a barn and a cover bridge which I need to see more of. If you don't mind I'll link back here from my place.


Barb said...

Ahhh Rose you have such a soft heart, and your love of all things is obvious! Thank you for sharing this peak into another part of you being you! Barb