Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wouldn't it be wonderful to just be able to curl up in a ball anywhere and go to sleep...the bathroom sink was discovered by Bubbie yesterday. I started finding the stopper all over the house now. I suppose I will have to get a little chain to chain it in there.

Our weather is going through a drastic change tonight. Today was warm enough till a light jacket was the most needed to keep warm, and not even really necessary. Then tonight about 6:00 p.m. the wind started rolling through and has howled. I think the weatherman said there were gusts up to 50 or 60 miles an hour. There were tornado warnings in some areas, and severe storm watch the rest of the counties near here. It went from around 50 degrees at noon, to 10 degrees F. right now. The roads are icy and slick. Just a few flurries, but it rained before it turned so cold and that froze.

I have been fooling with this summer sausage my husband and his friends made from deer meat and pork roasts...I had to bake it for 4 hours on a low temp in the oven. Then it has to cool out completely at room temperature before we put it back in the fridge. He and two of his buddies and one of their sons worked about 6 hours Sunday making it. He brought home so much that we will be having to find people to give it to.

Last night I did go down and kind of get my sewing area cleaned up a little...I had planned to sew today but other things come up. Tomorrow is another day...but I done know two jobs I have to do. One is to got to the post office to mail in my husband's retirement papers...and I need to go buy some groceries.

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Barb said...

How cute are those *kitty* pictures, and yep I wish I could just curl up and sleep anytime and anyplace! Interesting that you too worked at tidying up your sewing room on Tues. That is what I did since we didn't have school, I didn't need to go to the office! I stayed home and worked at things that have been waiting MUCH TOO LONG, including the sewing room!