Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bubbie and other stuff....

How is this for relaxed? My husband has been meaning to build these cats some houses to play in, and just keeps forgetting. We think that they would really play in them. So, to kind of get an idea of how they would react, he went and cut cardboard and taped it together and brought it in.

He no more than sat it down on the floor till Bubbie crawled in it...and it has an upper level and PussPuss crawled in it. She didn't stay though. Anyway, lots of time we look around and Bubblie will be sleeping in it, or else half in and half out like the pictures above.

Right now he is at the vet's office and it is awful lonely without him. Just quiet...he is the rambunctious one...the one most apt to be picking at someone or some other animal. Rachel went to wash his face--yes he gets out and gets dirty and she will wash his face. Anyway, she noticed a sore and it all this junk came out of it. She has doctored it here, but thought it was getting worse, so she took him to the vet. And though he don't have a temperature his breathing is not normal so they are keeping him a day or two. He had caught a mouse the other night and we are thinking it might have bit him...it is some kind of puncture wound. And it was also sort of like it had bit through the bridge of his nose and it was starting to seep stuff.

I had the picture below ready for sepia scenes last Wednesday but didn't know if it was quite good enough...so I used a couple of other pictures. And I have a different one ready for tomorrow if I remember to get on in time to post it. So just thought I would post it here for fun.
This was originally in color. Digital. I removed the color, reduced the blue and increased the red. Then I added noise. I kind of think it fits with the way the barn seems to be on the way to falling down. This is not too far from home...probably a five minute drive.


Tricia said...

Let us know what happened w/ Bubbie - I'm anxious to know what's going on & if it was really the mouse that hurt him.

I think the sepia photo is great. What's the link to sepia scenes? I think I've seen it somewhere before, but I don't remember for sure. I have a program, Corel Paint Shop Pro, that does all that stuff, but I never seem to have the time to learn how to use it. I've GOT to sit down & figure it one of these days!

Anyway, the picture really is very cool - and you said this is actually a place down the road from you in THIS day & age? I actually thought it was from back in the olden days!!! lol

Carletta said...

With some anitbotics Bubbie will be back to normal in no time.
Can't for the like of me think that position is comfortable. :)
I think the sepia is wonderful. All the effects you used makes it look really old. Good job!

dot said...

I love your sepia barn! I think I'll check into doing that meme. Cute kitty pictures!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Poor Bubbie! Hope he gets well soon.

The sepia barn is great, Rose. I loks old for sure!

Deborah godin said...

I will never understand how cats do it. Many times I have looked in vain for one object or another, like the remote, or a shoe, or even something sharp or lumpy, and given up, only to find one of the cats had curled up on top of it and was fast asleep! I finally got clued in, and now slide a hand under them when I can't find something.

Nita said...

Nicely done. My entry is up as well. Have a great day!


Mary said...

Poor kitty! What would we do without the wonderful vets who take care of our furry family members? I need to take 2 of mine in for their yearly shots. Cats do love climbing in and out of boxes. Mine like to sleep on them, too and Mike built one and covered it with carpet for them to look out the sidelights by the front door.

Dianne said...

I thinkk that sepia photo is wonderful! I love the rich earth tones

My best thoughts are with Bubbie (what a great name) - I'll check back to see how he is